How Does Drug Addiction Begin?

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No one starts doing drugs with the intent to become so addicted that they lose everything and ruin their life. Drug abuse starts for a variety of reasons, and prevention campaigns along with a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment can help address those reasons. Most importantly, we believe in encouraging people to make the decision not to start doing drugs in the first place. While everyone’s path to drug abuse is different, the first step in making a change comes in asking for help. This courageous decision to enter an addiction treatment program builds the foundation for a lasting recovery.


A growing number of people today use drugs to make themselves feel better. People self-medicate with substances that numb their thinking so they can’t be haunted by negative memories, thoughts or emotions. Others abuse drugs to take the physical pain away. Still, others use drugs as a reward for hardships or a long day at work. Drugs like prescription painkillers, tranquilizers, and even marijuana are often used by individuals to meet an emotional or physical need.

Dangers of Self Medication

Often, young adults start experimenting with drugs in high school or college. At first, it can be for a legitimate reason by abusing a prescription medication. From football injuries to ADHD medication and anxiety relief, teens and young adults self-medicate with their own doses to feel “better”. This can quickly develop into physical dependence and a full-blown addiction.

Fitting in with the Crowd

Other people get hooked on drugs when they decide to experiment with them to follow the crowd or to do something fun. These individuals mistakenly think that by taking part in drug abuse once or twice, they will be more liked by friends. They also believe that they can stop doing drugs anytime they want. Whether it’s at parties, social events, or even at school or work, many people will take substances to fit in with the crowd even if it has a detrimental effect on their bodies.

If someone gives you a drink or a pill at a party, you may think twice before denying it. You don’t want to look like a fool if everyone is doing it. Unfortunately, taking once you start doing it regularly, this escalates into substance abuse instead of recreational use.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Other groups of people simply fall into drug addiction. These are the people that take medications prescribed by a doctor following a surgery, injury or illness. These individuals may even take their pills as directed, but over time they too can become addicted.

No matter what the case, drug addiction controls and devastates lives. Anyone who ingests, sniffs, smokes or injects drugs can become addicted to them. Sometimes this happens even after just one use.

Drugs must be treated with respect because they can quickly lead to a lifetime of addiction. There is still hope for those with an addiction to drugs, but the road to recovery is often long and difficult. We need to work to educate more people about the dangers of drug addiction, in order to keep more people from getting caught up in this problem.

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