Nutritional Therapy

At Restore, we understand that proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation are all vital components of a successful and lasting recovery. By learning to make healthy food choices, recovering addicts will begin to discover how to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle balance.


Why is Nutrition Therapy Important To The Recovery Process?

Nutrition plays a major role in the process of recovery from addiction, as it has a large impact on an addict’s overall health. Over a period of sustained abuse of drugs and alcohol, many addicts adopt unhealthy eating habits, because the use of these substances takes precedence over everything else in life. While drinking, for instance, people often feel full after having eaten very little. These empty calories can lead to malnutrition and poor eating habits. In the case of drug abuse, there are also similar effects. Both alcohol and drugs make it difficult for the body to properly absorb and break down nutrients, while simultaneously expelling toxins. In addition to poor eating habits, a host of health problems accompany prolonged substance abuse. For many addicts who seek addiction treatment for alcoholism or drug dependence, nutritional therapy is a valuable option to consider.

Nutrition therapy for addiction recovery is becoming increasingly more common, as it has proved necessary to take an addict’s overall wellness into account when building an individualized treatment regimen. At Restore Treatment Center LA, our professionals know that proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation are all vital components of a successful, longstanding recovery. By learning to make healthy food choices, addicts will begin to discover how to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle balance.

What Effects Do Addiction And Nutrition Have On The Body?

People who are dependent on drugs or alcohol are known to experience a range of gastrointestinal disorders, often as a result of poor eating habits complete neglect of their diet. Some of these disorders include constipation, diarrhea, inability to properly digest food, and a poor appetite. As a result, addicts must consume foods that are high in nutrients in order to repair damaged tissues and organs. Foods that are high in nutrients can also improve the functioning of various systems, such as the nervous and gastrointestinal systems.

Nutrition therpay for addiction recovery in CaliforniaIn addition to physical health, the food we eat has a large impact on our mental health as well. Research has shown that not only can a well-balanced, nutritious diet help to control cravings, but it also affects a person’s mood. Nutrient deficiencies can cause depression, moods swings, and an array of other mental health issues. While recovering from prolonged drug and alcohol abuse, it is important to have a clear state of mind. Making conscious decisions about the food you consume is one way to achieve this desired mindset.

Substance abuse prevents the body from properly processing two important amino acids that are essential for maintaining emotional stability, mental clarity, and an overall state of well-being. These amino acids are tyrosine and tryptophan – both of which are responsible for producing norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin.

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    Healing Through Nutritional Therapy

    Healthy nutrition practices can help heal the body, as well as the mind. Chemical messengers that promote mental clarity and attentiveness are found in protein-rich foods, such as beef, seafood, poultry, and tofu. Calming messengers, vital to the development of proper sleep patterns, can be found in milk, turkey meat, sunflower seeds, and bananas.

    The professionals at Restore Drug Treatment LA devise nutrition plans that are carefully constructed to meet the individual needs of each client. By focusing on a person’s overall health and wellness, rather than solely on ceasing drug and alcohol use, the clients of Restore Treatment Center are given a greater chance at achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety.

    Discover how our nutritional therapy program, and all of our other wellness options available at Restore Center LA, can benefit you.

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