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What We Treat in California: Alcohol and Drug Abuse

At Restore Treatment Center, it is our main priority to bring about a healthy future for each of our clients, by providing assistance in the cessation of their physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol.


Over the last several decades, alcohol and drug abuse dependence has grown exponentially among the population. Addiction is a chronic disorder, progressive in nature, which affects millions of people from all walks of life. An addiction typically manifests in incessant alcohol and drug seeking and use. It is a complex, biological, psychological and social disorder, characterized by persistent use of substances or dangerous behaviors, despite the potential or existing consequences. It is well understood that chemical dependence is a problem that cannot be cured. However, successful lifelong management of this disorder is possible with proper treatment, administered by medical professionals and staff who specialize in addiction rehabilitation.

The Evidence-Based Approach To Addiction Treatment at Restore

Therapy for addiction in CaliforniaAt Restore Treatment Center, it is our main priority to bring about a healthy future for each of our clients, by providing assistance in the cessation of their physical and psychological dependence on alcohol and drugs. This is done through comprehensive treatment programs, which incorporate both traditional and holistic therapies. Clients of Restore are given an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to suit his or her own unique needs, and addresses any underlying issues related to substance abuse and addiction. We are committed to the recovery of each and every resident of the Restore community. When seeking support from Restore Treatment Center, you can be sure that your best interest is of the highest importance to us. If you are chemically dependent on alcohol or drugs, or need help correcting a behavioral addiction, speak with an addiction specialist at Restore Treatment LA. We have counselors on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call. Call Restore Treatment Center at (888) 979-4570 to speak with one of our addiction specialists today.

What Is Addiction?

It is fairly common for many addicts to experience difficulty admitting that they have a problem. In our society, addiction is often misunderstood to be a matter of one’s “flaws,” or one’s inability to experience enough pleasure to get and stay happy. However, there are two main features that, without professional help, will remain out of one’s control.

The following are the two most predominant characteristics found in any form of addiction:

  • The use of substances or engaging in behaviors that, despite the consequences, a person will continue to engage in.
  • The biological and psychological need for increased amounts of substances and behaviors over time, in order to achieve the same desired effects.

Addiction is a gradual process in which a person loses his or her sense of control, and ultimately leads to years of anguish, isolation, and the stigma that correlates with any addiction. This underlying pain leads many people to use alcohol and drugs as a means to escape their suffering. More important than just the biological aspect of the disease, is being able to see it as a symptom; a symptom of a person’s underlying pain. Making this connection allows us to see a significant increase in one’s ability to take responsibility for the addiction and the pain underneath. Healing comes as a result of identifying the triggers, despair, unresolved trauma, and unmet emotional needs that have been filled by addictive substances and behaviors.

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    How Do Addictions Develop?

    There are several contributing factors underneath the compulsive use of substances and repeated participation in self-destructive behaviors. Addiction is understood as a physical and/or psychological dependency to a substance or behavior that alters the brain’s chemical makeup when used. Causes of addictionDrugs that commonly affect a person’s biological structure are alcohol, opioids, and stimulants. Behavioral addictions such as gambling, sex, exercise or eating can also cause these changes to take place in the brain.

    Biology, in connection with environmental influences, makes up roughly 50% of the reasoning behind why people become vulnerable to addiction. The environment in which a person grows up, is also a significant factor. Influences such as economics, parenting, loss, peer pressure, trauma, stress, and abuse all contribute to one’s environmental vulnerability.

    Addiction in the family can play a central role in a person becoming dependent on alcohol or drugs. A person is over four times more likely to develop a chemical dependency issue by simply growing up with one or more family members who suffer from addiction. For instance, of those who suffer from alcohol abuse addiction, upward of 70% have a history of alcoholism in the family.

    Mental illness in the family can also play a part in the development of addiction. Many addicts have a history of depression and anxiety underneath their drug and alcohol use. The pain of untreated mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, can increase a person’s reliance on substances to lessen their state of emotional pain.

    Begin Your Recovery From Addiction Today!

    At Restore Center LA, we believe it is important to focus on the person in pain, underneath the addictive behaviors. With this focus, our team of licensed clinicians and addiction professionals apply all efforts towards ending the cycle of addiction, increasing healthy relationships, and providing strength and guidance throughout the course of recovery.

    If you are dependent on alcohol or drugs, or are suffering from co-occurring disorders, do not hesitate to ask for help. The desire to want to change is a vital component of the recovery process, and by reaching out and asking for help, you are exhibiting that desire.

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