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Alumni Programs

Restore Health and Wellness Treatment Center’s Alumni Program is committed to providing ongoing care and support for every member of our extended recovery family.


Restore Treatment Center Alumni Program

Recovering from addiction is an extensive, ongoing process that requires active engagement in aftercare support, methods for preventing relapse, and alumni programs following a resident’s stay at a rehabilitation treatment facility. At Restore Treatment Center, we understand the importance of recovery maintenance and believe that having a strong support system is key to continuing on in one’s recovery. One of the most influential service available for people who complete drug or alcohol addiction rehab, is Alumni Programs.

The Restore Treatment Center’s Alumni Program is committed to providing ongoing care and support for every member of the extended Restore family. Our alumni members are vital to the long-term success of those who have begun, and those who continue, the journey of recovery. There are a number of the ways that we provide support and maintain relationships with our alumni, some of which include:

  • Monthly alumni meetings
  • Organized sporting events
  • An alumni newsletter
  • Personal follow-up support and help with community resources
  • An annual beach party and year-end reunions
  • Monthly alumni meetings and special guest educational series
  • Alumni panels that share their stories of hope and strength with new comers

Our Alumni Program allows residents who have graduated from our treatment programs, to come together and share stories of each other’s time in recovery, following their stay at the Restore facility. Addiction recovery is a process that requires conditional support from loved ones, as well as other members of the recovery community. Restore Drug Treatment LA offers Alumni the opportunity to keep in touch with one another, provide each other with strength and hope when times are difficult, and give praise when obstacles are overcome or when goals are achieved. At Restore, we pride ourselves on the success of our Alumni Program, and consider it to be more of community, rather than just a program.

The Alumni Community

On the last Wednesday of each month, members of the Restore Treatment LA alumni community come together for a meeting at our facility. We also hold alumni events and outings throughout the year for members to attend. In addition, we also have an Alumni Facebook Page, which allows members of the Restore community to keep in contact with each other on a regular basis.

Having a strong support network while in recovery, is fundamental element of sobriety maintenance. Restore Treatment Center’s Alumni Program provides you with unlimited opportunities for support, to help you maintain your goals in recovery and ensure that you are fully liberated from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. If you are a Restore graduate, join our Alumni Program today for help continuing on in your recovery.

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