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Residential Treatment

The residential rehab program at Restore Drug Treatment LA addresses the emotional and environmental precursors of addiction, and prepares clients for life without drugs and alcohol.


Residential treatment rehab at Restore Drug Treatment LA is a level of care that requires clients to live full-time at our facility for the duration of the program. This phase may begin once the client is out of immediate medical danger, their body has detoxified from drugs and alcohol, and specialized addiction professionals have customized a treatment plan to fit the individual’s unique needs. Clients of Restore’s residential treatment program will identify and work on the physical and psychological problems that resulted from their drug addiction and the discontinuation of substance use. Depending on the individual and extent of addiction, the residential level of care can last from several weeks to months.

Restore Treatment Center offers both residential and outpatient recovery programs. Choosing between these levels of care can be stressful, as well as confusing. Fortunately, the caring addiction specialists at Restore Drug and Alcohol Rehab can help you select the course of treatment that is ideal for your specific needs.

Determining Which Level of Care Is the Best Fit for You

At Restore Treatment LA, we will work with you to determine the most effective approach to your addiction recovery, and provide you with the support and guidance to make sure this treatment plan is feasible. In order to decide which treatment setting will be most successful in helping you achieve sobriety, we will first need to understand your history with substance abuse and which substances you have become dependent on. Some addictions, because of the intense withdrawal symptoms and physical dependence associated with them, require residential treatment to keep clients safe and remove all temptations. Residential treatment is often preferred, as it allows clients to focus exclusively on their health and recovery.

Understanding Residential RehabResidential Rehab Programs in California

Residential rehabilitation involves a live-in arrangement for the duration of the treatment program. Unlike outpatient programs, which allows clients to live at home, residential treatment requires a deeper level of commitment and an additional degree of separation from daily life. This level of care is recommended for people with an extensive history of substance abuse or addiction, as well as those who are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. However, these restrictions can benefit any person who desires to put an end to their struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, or dual diagnosis. Treatment programs at Restore Drug Rehab LA are largely based around psychotherapeutic support, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational programs. Medication treatment may also be needed in some cases, including opiate replacement therapy, Antabuse therapy, and benzodiazepine dosage reduction schemes.

What Are The Main Goals of Residential Treatment?

The residential rehab program at Restore Drug Treatment LA addresses the emotional and environmental precursors of addiction, and prepares clients for life without drugs and alcohol. Individualized treatment programs often center on motivational, cognitive and behavioral principles, with some programs also providing practical and spiritual support. Relapse prevention training  is also an integral component of the rehabilitation process, with therapists helping clients to recognize triggers, avoid dangerous situations, and cope with the challenges of life as they arise. Contrary to outpatient rehabilitation services, clients can fully engage in residential treatment programs without the distractions of everyday life.

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    Residential Treatment Enables Clients to Connect With Counselors

    Although individuals can be hesitant to leave home and commit to a structured program, residential treatment programs have proved to be the most effective in facilitating recovery from addiction. The residential rehabilitation program at Restore Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, is a part of our full continuum of care for addiction recovery, which guides clients through each phase of treatment and provides optimum support, 24 hours a day. Clients of Restore’s residential program have the full attention of our caregivers while living at the facility. The Restore staff monitors clients and becomes familiar with their behaviors, which allows them to pick up on any indication of whether the treatment regime is promoting progress in recovery, or if it needs to be altered to better meet client’s needs.

    Our Luxury Facility Is the Perfect Setting for You to Heal

    At Restore Drug Rehab LA, our specialized treatment programs help clients learn to recognize problematic, cognitive and emotional distortions, in order to make more productive lifestyle choices. Similar to detox, a treatment program will likely not be enough when administered in isolation, with further treatment measures needed in the weeks and months that follow. Addiciton aftercare programs build on the concept of relapse prevention and 12-step facilitation, including examples such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), SMART Recovery, and sober living.

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