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Learn More About Us and Our Services At Restore Treatment Center, our focus is on changing the lives of people who have been affected by alcoholism, drug addiction, or co-occurring disorders. Overlooking the monumental palm trees and beautiful mountains of Southern California, Restore is a luxurious, state-of-the-art, drug and alcohol rehab detox treatment center located in the “City


Learn More About Us and Our Services

At Restore Treatment Center, our focus is on changing the lives of people who have been affected by alcoholismdrug addiction, or co-occurring disorders. Overlooking the monumental palm trees and beautiful mountains of Southern California, Restore is a luxurious, state-of-the-art, drug and alcohol rehab detox treatment center located in the “City of Angels,” also known as, Los Angeles. Our luxury, two-mansion facility is situated on two acres of land, which offers picturesque scenery, privacy, and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Our supportive healing environment, and multidisciplinary team of highly qualified staff, makes Restore Drug Rehab LA the most innovative setting for you to begin your recovery journey. We understand how the disease of addiction has affected you mentally, physically and spiritually, as well as the anguish of grief that your loved ones have endured as a result. Because of this, Restore Treatment LA strives to repair and rebuild your life through comprehensive treatment and compassionate care at our accommodating, luxury addiction rehabilitation facility.

Our purpose at Restore Drug Treatment LA is to help you build a foundation for a renewed, improved future. We take time to assess and evaluate each client by thoroughly examining the extent of addiction, and any potential underlying mental health concerns. This allows the Restore staff to develop individualized treatment plans, specifically designed to address the unique needs of each particular client. By incorporating our cutting-edge knowledge and research into addiction rehab and recovery, our array of valuable treatment programs and rehabilitative therapies can help you achieve lifelong sobriety. The highly specialized levels of care and addiction rehabilitation services offered at the Restore Treatment Center, include: Detoxification, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Sober Living, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Counseling Services utilizing individualized Traditional Therapy Programs, and Holistic and Alternative Treatments. Within our recovery community, you will find support and guidance through connections with professionals and peers, in various stages of recovery, to help lead you on the path of life-long health and wellness.

Recovery from Addiction Is Possible With Professional Care

The Restore Treatment community is a safe and sober environment to reside while working through the issues that brought you to us in this time of need. Our program provides access to one of the most comprehensive and exciting adult recovery communities in Southern California. The Restore specialized model of care works to meet the specific needs and challenges of addicts who are determined to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle.

No matter where you come from, or what your story is, we are all people in need of consistent, relationship-oriented support, nurturance, and guidance. If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, have become dependent on drugs or alcohol, or are suffering from a co-occurring mental illness, Restore Treatment Center can provide you with the professional help you need and deserve. If you desire to put an end to your battle with addiction and start your new life of recovery, contact Restore Treatment LA at (855) 636-5785 today.

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    The Restore Addiction Treatment Philosophy

    At the Restore Treatment Center, we will guide you on a healing journey to help you rebuild an honest and more loving relationship with yourself. Our philosophy and the curriculum presented to our residents, builds on five core competencies in Sobriety, Life Skills, Physical Fitness, Relationships and Occupational/Educational readiness. The development of the Restore Treatment philosophy for recovery, came about after years of extensive research and consultation with experts in addiction treatment, and most importantly, through countless conversations and hours spent with those who have struggled.

    Sobriety will always be the first priority for our clients. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in recovery, the Restore Treatment Center provides you with the opportunity to excel in all other areas of your life. Our approach to addiction treatment will give you the greatest chance at achieving lifelong success.

    At Restore Drug and Alcohol Treatment LA, we believe that, although drugs and alcohol may temporarily alleviate unwanted thoughts and feelings, drug abuse and alcoholism happens in the absence of healthy relationships with people. Over time, one’s relationship with drugs becomes a substitute for their personal relationships. It is in this prolonged exposure and use of substances that addiction takes a person emotionally and physiologically hostage. This will ultimately interfere with creativity, intimacy, educational and occupational triumphs, family functioning, and overall health and wellness. Although first identified by an addict as a needed adjunct to emotional stability, drugs and alcohol can take over their life, but will eventually stop working the same as before. This creates a myriad of new problems, leaving those who are suffering without the skills or ability to manage on their own.

    The long-term goal of addiction treatment is to create a master list of creative and relational-based alternatives that the addicted man or woman can utilize when the urge to use drugs or alcohol occurs. At Restore Drug Rehab LA, we view substance abuse as a maladaptive coping mechanism, designed to rid oneself of unwanted thoughts, feelings, memories, and even hope. We do not place the responsibility of sobriety in the incapable hands of “Will Power.” Addiction is something bigger, much bigger than any one of us. However, with sustained abstinence, connections with others, and an increased willingness to succeed, you have the ability to lead a more productive way of life.

    Recovery Is Only a Phone Call Away

    All things are possible when we choose relationships over isolation, health over sickness, and connections over despair. Restore Treatment LA has a foundational belief that relationships with people, not substances, is the antidote for addiction. You are not alone in your battle against drug or alcohol dependence. At Restore Drug Detox Treatment, we offer hope, healing, and support to help make your recovery from addiction possible. We invite you to explore our site further to discover more about who we are, what we do, and how our facility can provide you with a successful recovery through expert drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. For more information regarding the Restore facility, or to speak with an addiction specialist about starting treatment, call Restore Treatment Center today at (888) 979-4570.

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