Diagnostic Evaluations

At Restore Treatment Center, all of our clients receive an initial evaluation and ongoing assessments during their stay at our facility.


Diagnostic Evaluations and Assessment Services

At Restore Treatment Center, all of our clients receive an evaluation and ongoing assessments during their stay at our facility. A diagnostic evaluation must be completed before a person can receive any form of addiction treatment. This pre-assessment focuses on the prospective resident’s qualification for the treatment of alcohol addiction, drug dependence, or co-occurring disorders at our facility.

Upon entry into the Restore facility, a resident will receive an initial needs assessment by our intake coordinator. The resident’s primary counselor then conducts a more thorough assessment. This extensive evaluation is processed by utilizing an Addiction Severity Index (ASI) tool, which highlights the individual’s medical, employment, legal, family, social and psychiatric history, along with their past use of drugs and alcohol.

What to Expect during an Evaluation

The primary counselor at Restore Drug Rehab LA evaluates each client’s treatment progress during the staff meeting each week. Assessments for ongoing treatment are also conducted during this time. All staff members assess each resident’s mental status during every encounter. Residents will obtain a record of their physical and medical history from a health physician outside the Restore facility. Health records help to make certain that our clients receive the appropriate level of care.

Another assessment that measures the progress of our residents, involves collecting urine and/or blood analysis samples at the time of intake, and at any other time it is clinically indicated. Residents may be referred to other department agencies for additional or unrelated assessment services. Clients of our detox unit will be assessed on a continual basis using Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA) scores and Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) scores, with blood pressure and pulse rate also taken regularly.

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    Why Are Assessments And Evaluations Important For Addiction Treatment?

    Diagnostic Evaluations and Assessment Services in CaliforniaThe diagnostic evaluations and ongoing assessments performed by our elite staff at Restore Treatment Center are a necessary and key component of addiction treatment for our residents. These services ensure that you are getting the most sufficient form of care for your unique situation. Evaluations and assessments also help our therapists and physicians create an individualized treatment plan that adheres to the precise needs of every addict who accepts our help.

    If you need help overcoming addiction, or suspect that your loved one may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, reach out to the Restore Treatment Center. Speak with one of our addiction counselors to schedule an appointment for an evaluation, and finally start your recovery today.

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