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Caring Staff

Restore features a multidisciplinary team of certified addiction treatment professionals, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, interventionists and coaches that staff our world-class treatment centers and living quarters. Our goal is to help those struggling with addiction and other mental health disorders achieve lasting recovery. We like to say our job is removing any barrier that is in the way of clients getting better!


Liz Gomez, MSW
Executive Director

Liz received her undergraduate degree in social work from Syracuse University in New York, and her master’s degree in social work from California State University, Long Beach. She has been actively involved in the leadership of numerous philanthropic, civic and community organizations and has been working in human services for over 30 years. Previously, she was the executive director of a treatment center and prior to that a non-profit organization, for combined experience of over 20 years. She served 12 years on the board of The California Wellness Foundation whose mission is to improve the health of Californians.

Prior to working in treatment, Liz worked as a consultant for youth programs across the country, providing training and technical assistance utilizing her expertise on trauma informed approaches to working with vulnerable populations. In addition, Liz provided training on organizational development and the operation of behavioral health care companies; emergency shelters, transitional living and independent living programs. Liz is passionate about serving the community and vulnerable populations. Liz shared, “I am really excited about the opportunity to work at Restore Health and Wellness, LLC. Providing quality care in a professional, healthy environment for those that seek our services and for our staff who serve them is top priority.”

John R. Mulvey LCSW
Clinical Director

John R. Mulvey LCSW, has been licensed in California since 1993. He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he completed his B.A in Psychology, and was awarded Honors in the Psychology Major. He is also a graduate of U.C.L.A. where he completed his MSW. John has been helping clients for almost 30 years. He has facilitated groups and individual therapy and has supervised interns. The clients John has served have consistently given him positive reviews for his therapy groups and individual work. John was nominated for Supervisor of the Year by one of his student interns. He has managed in-patient and out-patient programs and provided clinical leadership to a variety of treatment programs over many years. “I am proud to be a member of the Restore Health and Wellness team,” John says. “It is obvious that every member of this organization practices the same principles we teach our clients in recovery.” John’s approach to treatment and program development is to help clients feel less shame, cultivate hope and develop skills. “This is often just the beginning of one’s lifelong journey to wholeness. We need to listen carefully, individualize care, and honor the uniqueness and courage of all those who come to us for help.”

Dr. Akashdeep Gill, MD
Medical Director Psychiatrist

Dr. Akashdeep Gill is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in the Los Angeles area specializing in both addiction and general psychiatry. He has had the opportunity to train and practice in multiple clinical settings across the Los Angeles area including UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Olive View County Hospital and the Veteran Affairs medical centers. Personally, he has worked with and feels comfortable with patients from a variety of backgrounds and history.

His beliefs reflect his understanding that mental illness and addiction can be extremely difficult and painful. He acknowledges and understands that not everyone is the same and that a comprehensive diagnosis and flexible treatment plan are important to successful recovery. He believes in comprehensive care with a focus on the integration of evidence based pharmacology and psychotherapy specific to patient needs. Currently he works with Restore Health and Wellness Center as the staff psychiatrist.

Following graduation from Kent State University, he received his medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University. He then completed his Psychiatry Residency at the UCLA – San Fernando Valley Program and graduated from the UCLA – Cedars Sinai Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship.

Mike Purvis
Program Director

Michael has been working in the mental health and substance abuse field for over 11 years. He obtained a RADT-I in 2007. Thereafter, he enrolled in Addiction Studies and completed the program in January of 2019. Michael loves working with fellow addicts and alcoholics and working with mental health clients to help them progress from their old lives to their new lives.

"I have seen what alcohol; drug abuse and mental health have done to individuals and families over time. I welcome the challenge to help those in need rebuild their lives and gain their relationships back." It is a pleasure to work as the Program Director at Restore Health and Wellness LLC., assisting in establishing healthy routines in the lives of those I encounter each day."

Greg Gibson
Program Manager

Greg Gibson earned a Diploma as an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Specialist from Stratford Career Institute and went on to complete his Alcohol and Drug Studies Specialist II at Palo Verde College. Greg earned his AA degree in social and Behavioral Science from Coastline College. He has been actively involved in facilitating a Cognitive-Behavioral Relapse Prevention program for over 20 years where he interviewed and assessed applicants, developed lesson plans, and provided hands-on exercises in peer pressure, anger management, low self-image, negative emotional states, and boredom as precursors to relapse and provided coping skills to overcome them. Before working in treatment, Greg work with a Youth Diversion Program called Beyond Incarceration, where he provided one-on-one and group counseling for at-risk youth. Greg has also worked with a San Juaquin County Judge, and former Correctional Officer in a program called “Choices and Consequences” at several schools in a DUI court program across California. Greg has over 24 years of recovery and working with others who struggle with addiction is his passion. “Helping others heal the wounds from their past and assisting them in finding meaningful and lasting ways to deal with their struggles without the use of substances brings meaning and value to my life. Restore Health and Wellness LLC. Provides me that that opportunity.”

Joshua Rood

Joshua has experience working with substance abuse clients since 2014 from Los Angeles' Union Rescue Mission (URM) in Skid Row. Joshua started as an intern responsibilities with enrollment for homeless clients and support in their sobriety and drug rehab program. He was hired in May 2015 to both assess clients enroll and support through case management needs. Joshua also was responsible for undergraduate and graduate intern oversight in the client intake office and marketing department. After URM in 2017, Joshua enrolled as a Master's of Social Work student at University of Southern California's Suzanne Dworak School of Social Work. His program facilitated work opportunities in senior services non-profits in the Los Angeles area. These responsibilities were care for hospice clients, bereavement support (Los Angeles Home For The Aged); social services in-home care, Claims Conference for Holocaust survivors, and Adult Protective Services (Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles). Both of these opportunities provided program development experience, client care in quality assurance, and therapeutic experience and techniques in grief, loss, and bereavement, Motivational Interview, Problem Solving Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.   In 2019, Joshua completed his Master's of Social Work degree and registered as an associate of clinical social worker in the state of California. Joshua has been with Restore Health and Wellness since September 2019.

Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan received a Bachelor of the Arts in Sociology from University of California Los Angeles. Stephanie was drawn to the subject of Sociology because of its focus on the interconnectedness of all humans and the ways in which our communities support and form the people we ultimately become. Stephanie went on to receive her Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Northridge where she was able to apply that passion for communities and human relationships to real world circumstances. The CSUN MSW program’s focus on the impact of systems and of our own intersectionality helped open Stephanie’s eyes to why we show up in the world the way we do and to the ways in which we are each very different and also very much the same. While in graduate school, Stephanie also developed a penchant for social justice and realized her affinity for working with clients with cooccurring substance use and other mental health disorders. Stephanie has a variety of experience ranging from helping college students remedy food insecurity by securing CalFresh benefits, to small group trainings, to providing supportive counseling in nontraditional settings. Stephanie worked with the Motion Picture Television Fund’s Elder Connection program where she supported elder adults in managing their lives and activities while they remained living in the community. Stephanie also supported entertainment industry employees experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 work stoppage. Stephanie believes in the power of second-chances and strives to help her clients identify sources of strength and hope in their own lives.

Beth Farar
Therapist/ Family Specialist

Beth Farar is a California Native, a Lover Of Life and a Creator of Positivity all while helping others become the best versions of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Graduating from Cal State Northridge in 1992 as a Radio TV Film Major, she became a Newscaster in Malibu and other surrounding areas. Shortly after, she began acting and participating in theatre where she truly enjoyed participating in plays throughout the early and mid 90’s.

In 1998, she received her Masters in Psychotherapy at Phillips Graduate Institute in Encino, California. Beth has helped thousands of people over the years in Addiction Treatment.

She started her career as a therapist counseling children in various Public Schools in the San Fernando Valley, but her true passion was working in Drug and Alcohol Rehab with those suffering from Substance Dependence. Beth doesn’t just treat the client, but treats the entire family as a whole. Beth believes that people suffering from unresolved trauma and the inability to tolerate those painful feelings is what leads them to drugs and alcohol.

As an experiential therapist, Beth often uses nature to do Grief and Loss Exercises for clients who are suffering from the loss of a loved one through a divorce, death, emotional cut off, or loss of self. Helping clients identify their desires which empowers them to make positive and healthy changes in their lives. Her approach is compassionate, direct, and nonjudgmental all while helping clients feel safe in their recovery process.

Two years ago, Beth became a Health and Wellness Coach and now helps people become healthy from the inside out. She feels that you can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body and you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind.

Beth loves dogs, music, ocean, travel, cooking healthy, eating clean and lots and lots of laughter.

Jeffrey Lynch
Lead Case Manager

Jeffrey Lynch is a CADC II certified drug and alcohol counselor in the state of California. Jeffrey credits his success largely due to his exploration into mindfulness. Learning to live in the present moment was a powerful tool in helping propel him in his own recovery. He is currently enrolled in UCLA’s Training and Mindfulness Facilitation Program, after completing the Intensive Practice Program. It is his hope to acquire as many tools as possible to give back to others, especially those within the recovery community, or simply those who wish for the freedom he has found within his own practice. He currently serves his community by leading weekly Mindful Fullness Relapse Prevention sessions and providing One on One Mindfulness teachings with clients.

Liana Pogosyan
Case Manager

Liana first began her journey with Restore Health and wellness as a technician and quickly worked her way to shift lead and now has taken on a new position in case management. She demonstrates to clients by example by pushing herself to new challenges and higher limits. Liana enjoys helping clients by empowering them to take back their lives and work with the strengths of each client to better themselves. Liana has completed the addiction studies program at Pierce College and is on an academic venture to becoming a licensed therapist in the near future. Liana takes recovery very seriously she has compassion for our clients and takes pride in her part with Restore because she feels no job is neither too big nor too small to help our clients thrive.

Sarah Roleter

Sarah began her recovery career with Restore in 2018 and received her RADT. Sarah started as a Behavioral Health Technician and moved up to a Lead Technician and Shift Supervisor before becoming a Case Manager. Sarah is a great example of what you can achieve with hard work. Sarah is dedicated to Restore’s mission and client recovery. Her love and passion for helping others is what drives her. Sarah also has worked with California’s homeless population and at a Domestic Violence Shelter.

"I feel very fortunate to have a purpose today, I love my Job and am so grateful to be a part of the Restore Team and their purpose."

Rick Hagaman

Rick Hagaman has provided his elite fitness and wellness services to individuals and corporate groups since 2006. He has utilized this success and experience along with over 18 years of active recovery to create the Recoveryfit program. “Early on, I was lucky enough to realize just how essential fitness and exercise was to my recovery. Sometimes it was the only thing between me and a drink. I developed this unique program in an effort to share the gift of fitness with others suffering from addiction who are searching for tools to stay clean and sober.

Recoveryfit is an expertly crafted group fitness program presented in alignment with the 12 Steps and 12 principles of recovery. This innovative program elevates the emotional well-being of clients through exercise; consequently, increasing the chances of long-term recovery from addiction. Recoveryfit centers on the often-neglected PHYSICAL COMPONENT of recovery by providing the valuable tool of fitness to people struggling through the early months of the recovery process.

Safe and effective exercise is universally beneficial for all who do it; however, Recoveryfit’s comprehensive fitness program is especially beneficial to those individuals recovering from addiction:

  • Produces endorphins (similar to drugs)
  • Partially replaces cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • Exercise may reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • One can start developing healthy habits to replace ones which have been destructive
  • Feel better and look better; increasing your self esteem
  • If I have low self-esteem, my mind tells me I might as well drink
  • Exercise can slow down the alcoholic mind for a period of time
  • Creates a special bond and camaraderie within the group

Clients experience recovery at the physical level through this one-of-a-kind exercise program, creating a paradigm shift not only for recovery, but also for fitness and exercise.

Dan Surico
National Outreach Director

Dan Surico was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After his own personal struggles with addiction, Dan relocated to across the country to start his journey through recovery in 2013. Over the past seven years, Dan has gained a well-rounded background in a variety of facets in the treatment industry including sober living management, admissions, community outreach and national account management. Dan joined the Restore Health and Wellness Center family in 2020 with the title of National Outreach Director. His goal is to assist those suffering from this disease and their families in any way he can.

Donny Barth
Director of Admission

With 10 years of personal recovery and 7 years of industry experience, Donny is a strong believer in the transformative nature of sound clinical treatment experience. Donny struggled with substance abuse through high school, college, and afterward, putting his family and loved ones through unimaginable stress for years. Today Donny has a passion for educating families and loved ones of the co-occurring struggles that addicts and alcoholics face, as well as addressing and coaching them through codependent relationships to help empower loved ones to draw healthy boundaries and set up a path for long term success. Donny believes real success stems from addressing underlying issues- that substance abuse disorders are merely a symptom of a larger problem, and that access to quality clinical care is the foundation of that recovery.

Natanya Ross
Southern California Outreach

Natanya has been working in the field of addiction for the last 12 years. Natanya brings enthusiasm and dedication to her work that is unparalleled to many we have seen. Through her kindness and warmth, she has the ability to connect with clients and their families on a level where they can relate to her story, and feel safe with her guiding them through the process of entering treatment.  Natanya started at a very young age as a child actress and through her struggle in her own addiction found a passion for working in the field of treatment. At Restore, Natanya approaches her job with compassion and love and tries to always come from the heart space that has allowed her the opportunity to help as many people as possible. In Natanya’s own personal life she is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and sponsors many people in that community and well as being the founder of San Fernando Valley's Feed The Homeless which is a service organization that provides hope and a meal to those suffering and in need. As of 2018 Natanya serves on the executive board of WAAT (women’s association of addiction treatment) as the director of social media and co-founded the Golden Thread Women’s empowerment group. Natanya continues to strive towards growing with Restore and strengthening her skills not only as the Southern California Outreach representative but as a member of the Restore community.

Nick Erickson
Northern California Outreach Coordinator

Nick is building a community of care in Northern California. He brings with him a compassionate touch when assisting clients and their families through the difficulties of connecting to quality treatment. He started working in the recovery field after finding his own sobriety with the help of family support. Nick has a personal understanding of how difficult it can be to seek help and works to simplify that process for families and clients in their greatest time of need. Among his strengths is the ability to form local networks and connect those looking for help with treatment providers in the region. He is a member on the Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board, is active in local Men’s Association for Addiction Treatment (MAAT) meetings, and regularly attends presentations from behavioral health professionals and clinicians in order to learn more about how to improve his role on Restore Health + Wellness Center’s team. He strives to make a difference for anyone in the community struggling with alcohol or addiction and hopes to one day look back and see that he has truly changed a life by helping someone navigate the path to recovery.

Natalie Davidson
Regional Director of Business Development ( NV, AZ, UT, CO, OR)

 Natalie had a sideways entry into mental health as the Head Coach of an Equestrian Center in Reno, NV. One of her students’ mother was the CEO of an Eating Disorder program and got Natalie involved in Equine Therapy. That quickly struck a chord with Natalie and that began her career in Mental Health Business Development and Marketing. Although Natalie has decades in marketing and business development, she was new in the mental health field.  

Like a horse to pasture Mental Health fit! Natalie quickly moved up to be the Director of Business Development and Marketing for an Eating Disorder Residential program in Reno, NV, there she marketed the program and grew the business on a national scope bringing very specialized treatment options to those suffering from mental health issues and eating disorders. She was quick to learn the industry and to offer herself to help all that she came to know.  

Today Natalie is the Regional Director of Business Development supporting the states of NV, AZ, UT, CO, OR and to keep in contact with the people she had developed relationships with across the country. She shares her resources and calls herself a Pf.M (Professional Friend Maker). She brings experience in ED, SUD, MH, and more to ultimately help people whom are suffering find treatment options.

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