Sober Living

Our sober living homes at Restore Treatment Center provide shelter and a stable environment for those in need of further rehabilitation as they continue on in their recovery journey for substance abuse and addiction.


What is Sober Living?

In the world of addiction treatment, there are various recovery services available for people suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction to choose from. Many addicts in recovery who have completed treatment in a residential or outpatient setting, elect to transition into sober living before returning home to independent living.

Sober living environments, also known as sober living communities, offer multi-layered treatment for people who need additional support. Our homes at Restore Treatment Center provide shelter and a stable environment for those in need of further rehabilitation as they continue on in their recovery journey for substance abuse and addiction.

Who Should Consider Sober Living?

Sober living environments are facilities specifically designed to meet the needs of recovering addicts after they have completed residential inpatient treatment or outpatient rehab. While some people are able to leave rehab and return directly back into everyday life, other people simply need an additional, transitional level of care.

In many cases, returning to independent living directly following addiction rehabilitation can greatly tempt a recovering addict to return to prior patterns of self-destructive drug or alcohol abuse. In the event that the home environment is not a suitable place to continue on the road to recovery, our sober living community at Restore Treatment LA is a valuable option to consider. Sober living homes offer an added level of support and security to help slowly transition a recovering addict back into the outside world.

Why Are Sober Living Environments Helpful?

Sober activitiesMany sober living homes base their practices on the conventional 12-step philosophy, but other recovery methodologies can also be applied. At Restore Drug Treatment, we promote positive lifestyle changes, with practical support offered alongside psychological guidance and behavioral therapy. Our sober living program provides supervised recovery for residents as they slowly integrate back to independent living. Clients who choose to continue their addiction recovery in our sober living environment can participate in outpatient programs and group meetings and will have access to educational and vocational services.

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    What to Expect From Sober Living

    One primary goal of sober living at Restore Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is to help recovering addicts make constructive lifestyle changes. Negative impulsive and compulsive behaviors are not tolerated at our center, as this can interfere with the progress of the other residents’ recovery and may result in consequential punishments. Similar to most sober living environments, we operate by a strict set of guidelines and rules, such as forbidden use of drugs and alcohol and little lenience for negative behavioral patterns. Common house rules include:

    • No drugs or alcohol on the premises at any time
    • No overnight guests
    • Active participation in therapy programs
    • On-time payment of fees
    • Involvement in educational or employment programs
    • Potential residents must receive overall acceptance from the rest of the members in the house.

    If a resident breaks any of the house’s rules, they will either be given a single warning or be ejected from the program, requiring them to gather their belongings and leave the house immediately.

    The Importance Of Addiction Recovery Programs

    The drug treatment process often consists of a detoxification programs, rehabilitation treatment, and aftercare services. Although these are both critical components of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, they are not enough when administered in isolation. Further measures must be taken in order to support long-term lifestyle changes. These measures include relapse prevention regimes and aftercare recovery programs.Sober Living Recovery Meeting in California

    Sober living homes give people somewhere safe to rest their heads, while also providing them with ongoing therapy and psychological support. These living environments can be used as a form of aftercare and relapse prevention. People who choose to enter our home at Restore Treatment LA are given the opportunity to undergo further self-growth and self-development. Residents can live in the house for as long as it is deemed necessary, and until they are fully prepared to live independently.

    These communities have proved to be highly successful in addiction treatment. Sober living is a great option for any person in recovery who needs an additional level of support before venturing out on his or her own.

    Addiction treatment for a substance use disorder is only a phone call away. If you are in need of Sober Living in California, a quality addiction rehabilitation and recovery for drug or alcohol dependence, do not hesitate to contact Restore Treatment Center today.

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