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Client Testimonials

See what our clients and Restore Alumni members have to say about their time with us.


Katie Testimonial – Encino CA Rehab Drug and Alcohol (855) 636-5787 Rehabilitation Review
Marissa Testimonial – Restore California Drug Treatment Centers Review (855) 636-5787
Mathew Testimonial – Restore Los Angeles Drug Rehab Review (855) 636-5787
Carie Testimonial – Restore Health And Wellness Review (855) 636-5787 – Drug Rehab Los Angeles Encino CA

Katie Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
I came to restore on Christmas Eve of 2015. I was using heroin every day for six years straight. Coming to Restore I didn’t expect much. I’d been to treatment three times before restore and every place I went to was very cookie cutter and state funded, so I was in for a surprise when I got to restore. I met the director of operations and a couple of staff members who greeted me with open arms. I was so broken when I got there that I didn’t know how to do anything for myself. At restore I was able to learn everything I needed. I would get up, make my bed, and be held accountable for my actions and even my words every day. I stayed at restore for about 75 days and continued on my recovery journey in sober living afterwards. Since I left restore I hear the staff in my head every day. All their morals, values, and principles have helped me live a better life today. I have now been sober for over a year.

Matthew Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
I've been through a lot in my life. When I came out to restore I had no idea what I wanted to do. I've never been able to do 60 days clean in a row. When I was using from 14 to 22 I knew I had to do this at some point I just didn’t want to. The future scared me. I just wanted my life to be given to me as it was on many occasions when my father helped me with multiple DWI’s. I was the type of kid to have everything handed to me. Whenever I got in trouble it wasn’t really trouble, I just needed to get some money to pay a fine. So after all my problems and all my trips to inpatient facilities, something about restore was different. Something inside of me physically mentally and spiritually changed. I'm now writing and making music, passions I wanted to do for all my life that I was too scared to do. I cared too much about what others thought of me and in so many aspects of my life it drove me crazy. Now I'm finally finding myself thanks to restore. I'm taking off a layer of armor and putting it on the ground. I'm moving forward with passion, love, and consideration.

Marissa Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
When I walked into Restore I was broken, afraid and so depressed, but I immediately felt a sense of calmness and ease wash over me. The staff was so welcoming and so kind and understanding during the whole process. I had been through the darkest time of despair and I was still able to build a strong rapport with the therapists and all the people around me, like my fellow clients. I was able to rebuild my life in a way that I had never done before. Vince was so welcoming and understanding. He understood everything I said, all my fears. The therapists helped to facilitate conversations between my parents and I that could not have taken place before. I had never been able to string together very much sober time, but now I have a year. I'm so grateful for this place. At restore I established a sense of consistency and balance by going to meetings every day and learning the 12 steps and twelve traditions, which I never had patience for before. The sessions and the camaraderie of all of it made it truly sad to leave, but I knew that I had become a different, stronger, more confident and capable person. I was equipped with the tools for life that I didn’t have before. I just want to say thank you to all the people responsible for helping me through this journey. Its not over, I can still contact the alumni, staff, and everyone else. They helped me succeed in life, they saved my life. I just have Restore to thank and I have so much gratitude.

Brett Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
My god has brought me to restore and for that I am forever grateful. Before restore drugs were my way out, my peace. Now that I have found peace through the lord, through the 12 steps, my body and mind no longer craves drugs. My family has welcomed me back with open arms, I am employed, and I am at peace with myself. I owe this place my life.

Sarah Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
It was difficult for me to come to restore at first. I thought it was only a place for hardcore drug addicts and I had just started using consistently a few months before my intake. But I have had counseling for sex addiction in the past so I knew I had addictive tendencies and where my drug use could take me. I decided to give it a chance after I found out my insurance covered treatment. The staff were relatable, the programs were surprisingly enjoyable, and I made lifelong friends with people who went through the program with me. If you are unsure if you should begin treatment or not, chances are you should. Its crazy how one decision can impact the whole course of your life. I don’t know where I would be today without Restore.

Anne Marrie Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
For those of you who think its too late to stop drinking, its not. I started when I was 14 years old and didn’t admit myself into treatment until 30 years had passed. Yeah I wasn’t hooked immediately. It took a few years before I became a daily binge drinker. But once that time had come, I still didn’t think I had a problem. Drinking was just a part of my life. Fortunately I was able to stop when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my daughter. Once that time had come and gone I picked up right where I left off. Two DUIs and a custody battle later and I finally got the courage to reach out for help. I couldn’t be more thankful that restore was where I ended up. It was nothing like I thought treatment would be. I wasn’t treated like a crazy person at restore. They didn’t treat me like a criminal. The staff truly put themselves in my shoes and helped me work through problems that I never even realized where there. I am 8 months clean now and I see no going back to my old ways. I still stay active in the alumni programs and speak to staff members when I need an extra push. I don’t think many people get such positive results from their first treatment experience and for that I feel blessed to have found restore. Thank you restore, you’ve helped me be the mother I've always dreamed of being. I never thought it was possible until now.

Jose Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Before I came to restore I had attempted to end my life. I don’t want to get into the details, but my I felt like I had nothing left to live for. All I cared about were pills and heroin. Think about how you would feel when you knew the only things you cared about were slowly killing you. I arrived at restore what seemed like against my will, but I chose to stay. I wasn’t interested in participating at first, but I began to come around. What did it for me was the mental health counseling. I've suffered from depression for years, but I had never been diagnosed. Little did I know at the time, I would use drugs as a form of self medication. Really I was doing more much more harm than good. Restore did more than help me get off drugs, they helped me stay off drugs. After speaking to therapists and peers suffering from similar issues I was able to get my depression under control. I'm no longer weird or misunderstood. I no longer think I need drugs to escape from my life thanks to my experiences at Restore.

Benjamin Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Restore center is the absolute best treatment center in Los Angeles. The campus is beautiful and the newly added Detox compliments the program very nicely especially for those who are suffering from opiate dependency. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is struggling with substance use disorder and Co-occurring mental health issues. One side note: If you are not serious about sobriety and spiritual growth this program will not be fun because all the groups and sessions are based around learning and developing a way of living that is based on Honesty and freedom from self.

Ian Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
I think a balanced, rational review is necessary to flesh out this Yelp page because none of the current reviews really capture the essence of Restore. I spent 80 days at Restore, completing both their PHP and IOP programs. I did not use their detox so I cannot review that component of their program. One strong point of Restore is their office staff. They are kind, caring people who always seemed to have my best interests at heart even when we butted heads over how those interests were best pursued. The program director, Vinse, is an inspirational yet down-to-Earth guy who sets an example for the whole facility to follow. However, most of your time as a client will be spent with the behavioral techs, the quality and competence of whom runs the gamut from phenomenally compassionate (Christina, Lori, Monk) to downright ignorant and incompetent. Coordination and communication are areas of improvement on which this growing program needs to focus as well. Sadly, some of these individuals run groups at the office too, which means that the majority of groups are run by people with GEDs rather than licensed therapists, making some of the groups an exercise in frustration and boredom. When the therapists or more senior staff run groups, the quality of discussion and education on recovery is much better, and I was able to glean a lot of useful knowledge and insight on these occasions. Food is provided for all meals, and it's not bad at all -- probably better than what most of us ate in our active addictions. Snacks at the office help you make it through marathon group sessions. Weekend outings are sometimes great (Malibu, bowling, nature hikes, movie theater trips) and sometimes mediocre (trash cleanup, flu shots). Physical activity is critical to recovery, and yoga once a week, Kali martial arts, and trips to the gym several times a week are very much appreciated. Overall I would definitely recommend Restore if you're looking to get sober, but I'd also recommend that Restore take a hard look at client feedback as they continue to work on their programs and expand their facilities. They've just opened another PHP house and are doubling their capacity for clients at the office, and I've seen positive signs of progress on some of the areas I mentioned that need significant improvement just during my 2.5 months in their program.

Austin Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
From Apathy to Empathy. "Apathy" - (noun) - a lack of feeling, interest, emotion, concern or passion. This is how I felt when I walked into my 15th consecutive treatment center at the age of 24 which happened to be Restore Health & Wellness. At this point in my addiction, I felt completely hopeless that I would ever be able to stay sober. I felt helpless, border-line suicidal, depressed and mainly apathetic toward life in general. Despite all of these feelings, the fact that I was even in yet another treatment center meant that I was in fact still seeking help, and although I had sought help before, lessons in life repeat as needed and the teacher doesn't appear until the student is ready. I used to hate when people told me that addiction is a disease. I used to hate the word "God" and hate the idea of spiritually. What happened next for me; however, could only be explained as a spiritual experience. I met a man named Vinsent that completely changed my life. In his words, Vinse probably wouldn't say that he "changed my life", but that he just helped me reconnect to my true authentic self. "You won't remember everything I say to you while you're here, but you will remember how I made you feel." He was definitely right about that. My parents never fully understood why I couldn't quit using heroin. Vinse, and the rest of the team at Restore, understood exactly how I felt and exactly why I couldn't stop on my own, but he also informed that there is a solution this problem. Through a lot of hard work (yes, it was hard, but not as hard as putting myself and my family through complete hell over and over again) dedication and overwhelming support from the caring staff at Restore, I was able to understand what addiction actually is, and I was given a platform to put in the work that is necessary to stay clean and sober. Today, I have 18 months sober. I've honestly never been happier and more at peace in my entire life. Restore Health and Wellness loved me until I learned to love myself, showed me how to get sober and maintain sobriety, and even gave me a job working as a Behavioral Technician, which I would later go on to become a Case Manager. I now work in treatment and get to help people all of the time. Today, I live my life in complete gratitude for the gift of sobrietyand the ability to pass along what was so freely given to me. I no longer feel apathetic. As a matter of fact, my life is filled with interesting people, fun, passion and an overall lust for life. I consider myself to be extremely empathic now and whenever I hear a fellow addict in early recovery say that nobody understands what they're going through, I look them right in the eye, smile, and say.. "Yes we do." "Empathy" - (noun) - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Raymond Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Restore is well thought out and uniquely designed safe haven to help people find themselves when they have become lost. They have  staff with first hand knowledge of the disease of addiction, therefore they are able to combat this disease from angles that other recovery centers are not equipped to. They are polite and cut to the chase on issues that need to be dealt with, and address them right away. I would definitely refer anyone that is looking for that one place that can help them save their life.

Josh Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
I am a former client who was graciously scholarshipped through the program. This is a business which is how it remains available to help saves lives like my own. I owe everything including my life to the owners and vinsent franke who now after thirteen months sober are now one of my employers. Restore is a young company, though already well ahead of the curve staying on the cutting edge and remaining to hire the best qualified caring staff possible. I believe that you should be open-minded and willing enough to give this life saving and changing program the chance you deserve.

David Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Had an absolutely fantastic experience here. I just left Restore in September 2016 and I could not have asked for a better place to start my recovery. The facility is amazing, I was housed in a mansion in Northridge Ca. The staff is tough but the groups are thorough and explore a wide variety of issues that deal with addiction. Some days I would get something out of it some days I wouldn't. But what was Important to me was that the facilitators were always available to talk recovery and share there experience strength and hope. Oh and I almost forgot about the weekends!  Movies and the beach was a staple, we got to relearn that you don't have to be under the influence to have fun. Hikes were awesome, and the techs have a great knowledge of the local area. Restore really helped me get clean, and through the grace of my higher power I'm still clean today. Long story short if you or your loved one wants to change their life for the rest of their life, restore is a great place to start.

Jenn Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Restore saved my life ... I would've stayed longer if I could have .. when I relapsed all I heard was Vinse's voice and all the program I had from NA and the intense yet necessary treatment and groups .. I love restore and I wouldn't choose any other treatment facility to be my first experience in LA

Carey Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
This has been more than an experience. experience seems to random word when what I received here was deliberate impactful love and nurturing by people who have an affinity for helping and healing others. Not only have I been restored, I've been lifted up, set free from bondage and given true direction toward a meaningful, abundant life.

Michael Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
This place saved my life. Everyone was so friendly and always worked with you. Case management was awesome and the houses are clean with luxurious accommodations. I thank god for this place!

Robert Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
I spent 58 days at Restore LA. I am truly grateful I chose to travel there all the way from the Pennsylvania. I had a wonderful experience there and would recommend it to any one suffering from the disease of drug or alcohol addiction. The individual must truly want to recover from this affliction while there is no medical cure for this disease it is possible to arrest it fir life. This is only possible through perseverance and hard work by the addicted person. In today's society there is a lot of option's available for support to help in this life long struggle. When I arrived at Restore I was a broken suicidal alcoholic addict who was suffering from major depression.While I have only been clean and sober for 79 days (One day at a time) I have a whole new outlook on life. I truly believe I can remain this way by the grace of God for the rest of my earthly life. I would recommend Restore if you truly want to change your life and are willing to take the tools you learn there and use then in your long term recovery. Remember it is your recovery.

Mikey Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Okay here we go, I was client número uno at Restore Health and Wellness LA. I have completed 16 impatient treatment centers, 23 detoxes,11 sober living homes, and 9 intensive outpatient treatment programs, tried the vivitrol injection more than 10 times, got the Naltrexone Implant, tried Christian faith based programs suboxone maintainence, everything and anything under the sun to kick my addiction. The owners and staff of this place put their heart and soul into this and they loved me vigilantly until I could love myself, I got dragged through this kicking and screaming, and I thank god that these people did not give up on me. My insurance was shot, my spirit mangled, body bruised and broken, restless, irritable, and discontented. And not once did they give up on me, I owe my life to the God of my understanding and the beautiful people of Restore Health and Wellness. Thank you so much for believing in me. Nothing but love for everyone at this program! Sober Since May 19, 2015. 124 days and counting! 

Dennis Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
I believe that the ownership and management of this facility will provide a service like none other in the world both healthy and holistic. I would definitely recommend it to my clients, friends and family if needed.

Brittany Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
By far the most dedicated staff, beautiful facilities, i don't have enough positive things to say!!!

Emily Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
Restore helped me build a solid foundation for recovery!
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Chris Testimonial Restore Verified Alumni
To EVERY Restore Team Member, Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has made this experience possible for me and for so many others. I understand that my journey through this true psychic change is up to me, but the team at Restore made this awareness possible for me to accept and receive. I am really starting to see what a true psychic change I have created. Through surrender, faith, acceptance and a lot of patience I have gained considerable confidence in this change. I have witnessed pride in me and it felt amazing. Pride from within and pride from another and It feels far better than any drink that I have ever ingested. I am confident but not arrogant. I am simply starting to trust myself. I am admitting to myself and recognizing my thoughts. I am listening to my sober self-conscience and taking power back from my thoughts of self-pity and negativity. My first, second and third steps are complete. Without a shadow of a doubt I am powerless over EVERYTHING and my life (left in my own hands) is completely unmanageable. I surrender myself to this program of integrity and welcome this fellowship into my life. I want the life I foresee for myself having practiced these principles of self-care, self-love and integrity in every action. I've made this commitment for myself and will follow this simple program and the suggestions of the fellowship. I could not be more excited and grateful. At the same time, I am equally as terrified and humbled that I really don't know shit. I can't wait to love myself, prove that it's OK and that I am worthy. I don't have to live a double life filled with fear. Thank you all so much! The entire team at Restore has at some point helped me see my life's problems and the solution. Liberating hardly describes the feeling of simply picking up this kit of spiritual tools you have laid at my feet. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, I will make you, myself, my family, my friends, my fellowship and my god proud. I will live a full, deep, true, honest life filled with humility and integrity. I will feel every fiber of my being, both good and bad. Life won't be perfect, I won't be perfect, I don't expect anything to be easy, but then again, nothing with having is. I will give everything to earn and deserve happiness. I have found my purpose. EVERY person at Restore, including the clients has my deepest gratitude. You saved my life. I love all. Sobriety Date 5/25/17.

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