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Community Involvement

Restore Treatment Center not only provides the necessary tools for addicts to get sober, but our community involvement and life skills programs also offer addicts a better chance at staying sober.


Feelings of isolation, boredom, and fear are not conducive for preventing relapse in addiction recovery. Yet, these are thoughts and emotions commonly experienced by recovering addicts who are on a quest for lifelong sobriety. Although traditional programming at addiction rehabilitation facilities is vital for the recovery process, it is not always the only answer. Community involvement and life skills training programs are often essential for sustained success in addiction recovery.

How Does Community Involvement Benefit The Recovery Process?

Restore Treatment Center not only provides the necessary tools for addicts to get sober, but our community involvement and life skills programs also offer addicts a better chance at staying sober. Some of the many benefits of community involvement programs at Restore Treatment LA, include:

  • They expose recovering addicts to healthy social interactions – An addict should never isolate themselves while working through their addiction, yet this does not mean they should continue to associate with people who contributed to them going down the wrong path in the past. Healthy social interactions show addicts they can enjoy themselves and their newfound productivity, without the use of drugs and alcohol.Life skills for recovery in California
  • Community involvement programs help addicts engage in non-drug related activities – After prolonged substance abuse, it may be difficult for addicts to figure out what to do with the time in which they would normally be using. After all, feelings of isolation and boredom commonly lead to relapse. Engaging in non-substance related activities not only helps addicts build a network of support, but giving back to the community leads to positive reinforcement and can even help recovering addicts adopt new, constructive hobbies.
  • Community involvement provides a network of support to ensure substance abuse will not resume – By remaining productively engaged in healthy activities and mutually beneficial relationships, feelings of isolation lessen or disappear altogether. Staying busy and remaining in touch with a supportive group of individuals makes sobriety seem less daunting and helps the path to recovery remain clear.

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    Life Skills Training For Addiction Recovery

    In addition to community involvement, life skills training is also vital for long-term success in recovery. Unknown to most, many addicts struggle with basic life skills such as finding a job, maintaining strong friendships, basic decision making skills, coping mechanisms, and maintaining both their mental and physical health and appearance.

    Here at Restore Treatment LA, we have found that addicts who have the chance to develop and improve on basic life skills, lead a much better quality of life – quality of life playing a large role in an addict’s drive to stay on a path of sobriety. Examples of the basic daily responsibilities taught in our wellness programs include:

    • Developing a daily routine
    • Learning how to become and remain financially responsible
    • Practicing proper hygiene habits
    • Taking personal responsibility for one’s own living space
    • Medication management
    • Social skills development

    Most addicts have lived their days in a fog – their main concern being how to get the next fix. This leads many to lose touch with how to handle basic daily responsibilities, or react in standard social situations. Because of this, life skills training is essential for sustained addiction recovery. Restore Treatment Center offers these crucial programs in order to help you or your loved one reenter life as a confident, productive member of society.

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