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Addiction Treatment Centers in the US

Top 10 Addiction Treatment Centers in the US: In Search For What’s Best

Substance addiction, which includes the use of alcohol and prohibited drugs, is a lingering problem among households in the United States. According to the recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 19.7 million adults are affected and suffering from substance use disorders. This alarming health problem can harm not just the concerned


Information and Effects of Different Types of Drugs

Information and Effects of Different Types of Drugs: An Essential Overview

Illegal substances and drug use have been widespread in the United States. They are visible and present in almost every aspect of a person’s life. As drugs present themselves in popular culture and daily news, its dangerous repercussions and health consequences have often been overlooked. Having a basic knowledge on drugs and signs of substance


Patient Brokering Practices

Patient Brokering Practices: A Deceitful Trade

Addiction treatment and rehabilitation in the United States is a billion dollar industry. Rehabilitation centers in various states employ different strategies in order to market themselves and to seek drug users who are aspiring to live sober and productive days. However, not all treatment centers actually provide reliable safe treatment and proper patient care. In


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