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xanax addiction symptoms

Xanax Addiction Symptoms to Watch Out For

While known as a safe and effective anti-anxiety medication, Xanax can also cause physical and psychological dependence if taken in large quantities for an extended period. Abusing this drug can result in serious and potentially life-threatening Xanax addiction symptoms. Xanax is a strong prescription medication used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. This type of


use of telemedicine while providing medication assisted treatment

Use of Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment Through Telemedicine Even With COVID-19 

It comes as no surprise that more than a year’s worth of quarantine and inescapability from an unprecedented pandemic has hampered the mental well-being of almost everyone in the world. In a way, it has become globally traumatic for a lot of people.  With this, drug addiction cases have significantly risen. New approaches such as


luxury addiction treatment in california

Luxury Addiction Treatment: Why Go For A Luxury Rehab in California?

Substance use disorder alters the normal functions of the brain. It has devastating effects on the person, which could persist even after the drug use has stopped.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s (NIDA) research-based guide, substance use disorders require different treatment options. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy as the course of treatment


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