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Alcohol Consumption and Related- Injuries/Fatalities in Los Angeles County

Encino is in Los Angeles County (LAC) where excessive alcohol consumption is observed to be the second-leading cause of premature death and disability. According to the Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, there were a total of 130, 587 motor vehicle collisions that involved alcohol. These resulted in 74,810 injuries and 2,363 fatalities from 2007 to 2017. Over 1 in 3 young adults aged 18 to 25 were reported to binge drink in 2012-2014. In 2015, about 52% of LAC adults aged 18 or older drank alcohol at least once in the past month while 16% of them binge drink. 

Alcohol Use and Its Negative Impact

Binge drinking is one sort of alcohol abuse since drinkers excessively consume alcohol in one sitting in a few days per week or month. Specifically, it takes 5 or more drinks for men while 4 or more drinks in women within 2 hours for their blood alcohol content (BAC) to reach 0.08% and above. This is the level of BAC at which one is classified to be binge drinking according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Alcohol abuse has short-term side effects to the body. These include slowed breathing, slurred speech, vision impairment, lack of coordination, memory lapses, and extreme mood shifts. The short-term effects of alcohol are associated with unintentional injuries like car crashes due to driving under the influence of alcohol, criminal activities like homicide, sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and self-inflicted harm in the form of suicide. 

There are also regular, long-term alcohol users. They are prone to cardiovascular, and liver diseases, nerve damage, ulcers, cancer and respiratory infections. Physically, these are some of the side effects for long-term users but other areas of their life suffer as well. When they prioritize alcohol drinking, their relationship with friends and family are damaged. There are also financial drawbacks when they fail to perform well in their workplace, which eventually leads to loss of employment. 

It is very challenging for heavy long-term drinkers to just stop. They have already developed a dependence on alcohol because of the feel-good effects they derive from it. Once their body becomes dependent on it, it requires more and more to achieve the same effects. So when the supply of alcohol is suddenly stopped, their body becomes so stressed. They now experience the debilitating side effects of alcohol withdrawal. 

A dangerous form of alcohol withdrawal is delirium tremens, which occur in 1 out of 20 people. This happens when the brain’s chemistry cannot smoothly readjust with the sudden absence of alcohol. The heart rate or blood pressure can change dramatically, which can lead to heart attack, stroke or even death.

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    Alcohol Treatment Options 

    Since sudden withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous, it should be done with the help of professionals. At Restore Alcohol Detox Rehab in Encino, clients are assured that they will be receiving the highest quality of care while withdrawing from alcohol dependence. A certified team of clinical staff monitors each client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the detoxification phase. Detoxification should be managed in a clinical setting to prevent relapse. Cravings usually become so intense during the withdrawal process that patients can just give in to the urge to drink alcohol again. 

    They offer a variety of traditional therapeutic services as a continued care after detox. This involves regular therapy sessions with a trained addiction counselor. It may come in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or through the 12-step program in which they get involved with a community called Alcoholics Anonymous. 

    For those whose priority is to end their struggle with alcohol addiction and drug abuse, they can opt for residential alcohol and drug rehab treatment. Their Restore Treatment Center has two mansions, with 65-bed facilities that are built on two acres of land, offering a good scenic view and privacy. They have swimming pools, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, and an outdoor kitchen with an on-site chef. They offer a homey and luxurious environment, conducive for recovery and healing. 

    If you’d like know more about Restore Health and Wellness Center, visit us our address at 6918 Owensmouth Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303. 

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