The Dangers Associated With IV Drug Use

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There are many dangers associated with IV drug use that many addicts are not aware of when first picking up the needle. As one travels down the road of addiction, the euphoric state that is sought weakens over time. When popping pills or smoking dope soon no longer produces a high enough, quick enough, or long enough high requiring addicts to take a stronger drug with a more direct, quicker approach; such as injecting heroin.  This method of drug abuse not only carries with it the higher risk of using a more dangerous drug, IV drug use also produces many health dangers as well.

Let’s go over the negative health effects that can occur when you’re using IV drugs for a long period of time. It’s important to note that if you suspect a loved one of injecting drugs, it’s crucial to stage an intervention and help him/her get into a solution-focused drug treatment center.

Intravenous Drug Addiction - California

More Than ‘Just a Little Pinch’

According to the UCLA Dual Diagnosis Program, IV drug use produces the following negative effects:

  • Skin infections from dirty needles are very common
  • Poor hygiene allows for bacteria to penetrate the protective layer of the skin
  • Scarring and needle tracks will permanently brand one as a “user”
  • Endocarditis (inflammation of the interior lining of the heart) can damage heart valves
  • HIV/Aids and hepatitis can be acquired from using shared needles (HIV is the most common)
  • The risk of overdose significantly increases with IV drug use had this to add:

  • Unknown ingredient contamination can block blood vessels causing heart complications
  • Vein damage can occur from continued drug use through IV injections
  • Swollen or damaged lymph glands may result from frequent injections and infections
  • Tuberculosis can be contracted from shared needles
  • Liver damage caused by hepatitis C

The risk of overdose is especially life-threatening. All drug use carries this risk, but IV drug use has a higher danger threshold. Since it takes only one minute for a person’s blood to spread through the entire body, injecting drugs directly into the bloodstream engulfs the entire system at a rapid rate which does not allow the body time to fight the toxins. As depicted here, the dangers of IV drug use are many and they are serious.

Our team of treatment specialists is experienced in treating addicts that are struggling with IV drug abuse. This is the most serious form of drug addiction that requires intensive stabilization and a long-term therapeutic approach. Don’t allow yourself or a loved one to become the next statistic. Reach out for help with IV drug addiction right now.

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