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What’s Spiritual Guidance and What You Need to Know

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Spiritual guidance has become a lost art in our ever-changing world. It’s believed that the mind and body are separate entities, but what lies beneath these layers? We’ve forgotten how to journey into the inner depths of our souls, and seek out peace there. We’ve lost our connection with both ourselves and others because we don’t know how to listen anymore, so many turn to self-medication or drugs for an escape. But no matter what path any one person may take, it will never provide the ultimate release from fear and worry as much as spiritual guidance does.

It’s not needed by everyone – plenty of people are very happy going about their daily lives without knowing about spiritual guidance – but for those that seek a more fulfilling life, or want to try and help others find theirs, spiritual guidance is a great avenue to undertake. Only with self-awareness can we take steps toward a better life.

Below you’ll find a great deal of information about spiritual guidance, from what it is and how it works to guides on finding the right person for your needs as well as how one session will affect you.

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

At its core, spiritual guidance is about connecting with our inner self. It’s a way to explore your relationships and abilities, as well as focus on personal growth and development. Spiritual guidance isn’t about religion or belief systems – it focuses on the person wanting to change themselves for the better.

How Does Spiritual Guidance Work?

Spiritual guidance helps you better understand yourself by offering insights into who you are and why you do what you do. This kind of understanding allows you to make changes that will benefit both yourself and those around you. A spiritual guide can help you find answers that may have been hidden from view, or show how some of your past experiences have affected your life today. It provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself without being limited by judgmental views from others.

Many people who have been through seeking spiritual guidance will tell you that it was a freeing experience, both on a physical and emotional level. It’s also been shown to bring about an increased sense of well-being. Since spiritual guidance taps into your subconscious mind, you’ll be able to better understand why you do the things you do without having to think about it. You’ll find your inner peace again, and be more content with life in general because of this initial step toward self-awareness.

How Does Spiritual Guidance Work?

How to Find a Spiritual Guidance Counselor?

Making the choice to go through spiritual guidance is a huge one. It can be intimidating and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, but the process doesn’t have to be difficult when you make use of online resources. There are many sites available that offer information about finding a spiritual guide in your area, from their background and experience to how much they charge for each session.

You’ll want to make sure that you properly check any spiritual guidance counselor before deciding on them as your own. You should only work with someone who has been fully vetted and tested by an independent company or organization – going elsewhere may leave you vulnerable to frauds and charlatans. Also, never give out personal information over the phone or the internet unless you feel completely comfortable with doing so.

While it’s certainly possible to find a spiritual guidance counselor on your own, it may be easier to ask those around you for referrals or recommendations. You can also go through your church, temple, or community centers as well as mental health organizations in your area.

How Does A Spiritual Guidance Session Affect You?

The short answer: It varies from person to person and session to session – but you’ll almost always come out of the experience feeling better than before. That said, depending upon how heavy the issues you’re facing are – and how much self-awareness and time it takes for them to be resolved – you may only feel lighter after the first one or two sessions, or it might take several before you see any noticeable results.

You may see yourself making changes before you even realize it, or your spiritual guide might give you tips on how to improve things in your life. Either way, the more self-confidence and personal clarity that you gain during this time, the better off you’ll be. You may find that some of the deeper issues that were troubling you begin to resolve themselves after working through them with a professional who knows what they’re doing.

How Does A Spiritual Guidance Session Affect You?

Who is The Right Person for My Needs?

This is one question that only you can answer for yourself – but no matter if it’s an experienced counselor, member of the clergy, or alternative healer/practitioner – there are many people who are trained in helping others through spiritual guidance sessions.

And while it may be tempting to decide on someone who charges less, or who seems to offer more sessions for the same price, you’ll almost always get what you pay for.

If they’re not willing to meet with you in person before your session begins, or don’t have any sort of credentials available for perusal beforehand, there are plenty of other people out there who won’t mind earning your trust by being honest about their qualifications.

It’s also important to note that anytime you agree upon a fixed fee ahead of time, your counselor should uphold this agreement even if they feel that more work is needed. You shouldn’t have to worry about them suddenly increasing the number of sessions because they’ve found something else that needs to be worked on. While sometimes this can be unavoidable for unforeseen circumstances, it should never happen if your counselor is truly ethical.

How Does Your Life Change After One Session?

One of the biggest benefits of spiritual guidance is what it does for your soul – once this has been cleared out, not only are you able to rid of negative energy but you can also bring yourself back to a state of inner harmony, which makes it easier to maintain your personal well-being.

When you’re in session with your counselor or guide, they’ll ask you to call upon the divine (such as God, Jesus, Jehovah – whatever you feel comfortable praying to) and release any negative feelings that may be holding you back from living life fully. These could include everything from anger and fear; resentment; beliefs about not being deserving of happiness; guilt; grief; anything and everything that doesn’t serve you but only holds you back.  


And although many people like to think that they can handle these emotions on their own – without help – we all know what happens if we try to keep them all bottled up inside and ignore them: they get worse.

That’s why one session is often enough for you to feel so much better than before. It may take a few more sessions before you feel completely at ease with yourself again, but these feelings will lift little by little until you’re ready to move on.


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