Counseling programs play an essential role in addiction treatment and recovery for substance abuse, drug dependence, and co-existing mental health conditions. There are several different forms of therapy that can aid in the recovery process, including individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is much more likely when a range of therapy programs are incorporated into the course of treatment. However, individual therapy is especially vital towards one’s recovery, as the sessions are tailored to meet the addicted person’s individual experience.

At Restore Treatment Center, individual therapy sessions are conducted in a private setting, which allows the client to feel safe and free to open up, while also helping them become aware of their problems in order to make necessary corrections. Clients work one-on-one with their own appointed counselor to identify personal addiction triggers and create functional coping methods to reduce the risk of relapsing back into self-destructive behaviors.

What Does Individual Therapy Consist Of?

Individual counseling sessions are held on a weekly basis at the Restore Treatment Center. This therapy program is designed to enhance the emotional and mental well-being of an addict in recovery. Individual therapy helps addicts to understand their chemical dependence, while also allowing them to discuss their own personal obstacles. Clients then learn how to overcome these challenges in order to achieve a more satisfying way of life. Addiction therapy uses various treatment methods and recovery tactics to help promote a positive, perpetual change in thoughts, behaviors and lifestyle choices. One-on-one counseling typically entails the following:

  • Psychotherapy: talk therapy works to distinguish a person’s emotional and mental drawbacks that may have played a role in the development of addiction. Identifying these issues can better direct the course of therapy and treatment to increase focus on the needs of the individual patient.Individual counseling
  • Motivational Interviewing: a person can only truly prosper in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, if they have the motivation and desire to do so. Individual therapy, in general, is aimed at helping addicts make constructive modifications to both behavior and thought patterns, but motivational interviewing gives a person the incentive to actually make these changes. Counselors play a larger role in individual therapy than other counseling programs, especially when motivational strategies are used. This builds a stronger relationship between the client and the counselor, which in turn improves rates of retention and participation.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: When successful, motivational counseling techniques provide a solid platform for introducing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is intended to teach recovering addicts new coping skills. By enhancing their feelings of self-confidence and self-efficacy, cognitive behavioral therapy can help clients learn ways to cope with life stressors and relapse triggers.
  • Relapse Prevention: These programs are applied in individual therapy to help recovering addicts identify their own personal triggers for abuse, so that they can work with their counselor to learn methods for dealing with urges and cravings to use. Relapse prevention programs help people in recovery to better avoid returning to a pattern of addictive substance use.

Although these evidence-based practices can be used in a group therapy setting, it is also important for treatment modalities be applied towards individualized treatment programs as well. When addressing the disease of addiction, it is best to look at the origin of its development. This can be effectively done in individual therapy.

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How Is Individual Therapy Useful For Addiction Recovery?

Many people who are struggling to overcome drug dependence or co-occurring disorders will need in-depth, ongoing rehabilitation treatment and therapy. The overall objective of individual therapy is to adhere to the client’s unique personal needs and instill the necessary coping mechanisms to help them remain sober following addiction treatment. Clients of Restore Drug Treatment LA make weekly goals for themselves, which benefits the recovery process by allowing addicts to take on treatment in small increments. Accomplishing goals on a week-by-week basis can be a rewarding feeling for those in recovery, and can push them to be successful in completing future goals.

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