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Substance Addiction and Violence

Substance Addiction and Violence: A Cycle of Abuse

Substance abuse creates a dangerous culture which affects families and members of the sober community. Contrary to popular belief, physical and mental health concerns are not the sole risks that come with drug and alcohol addiction. As substance abusers struggle to take control of their habits and lifestyle, they can commit certain actions and decisions


Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking: A Risky and Dangerous Culture

Alcohol, usually found in beers, wine, and spirits, is a recreational substance which causes addiction and drunkenness. With its wide accessibility through beverages, alcohol is consumed and enjoyed by most Americans, including those who are below the age of legality in most states. Dangers of underage drinking are often undermined by teenagers. Unaware of the


how alcoholism damages families

Family Disease: How Alcoholism Damages Families

Approximately 15 million Americans are living with an alcohol use disorder. This means millions of families are struggling with the effects of this condition. Many call alcoholism a family disease. Although alcohol addiction does tend to run in families, that’s not why it’s called a family disease. Alcoholism is considered as such because one person’s


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