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Parental Substance Abuse on Children: Effects Inside the Household

Parental Substance Abuse on Children: Effects Inside the Household

Substance abuse is a growing concern among households in the United States. It creates a dangerous culture that incites harmful consequences, not just to the people who use these substances, but also to people who are not directly involved. Contrary to popular belief, someone’s physical and mental health concerns are not the sole risks for


Substance Abuse Addiction Behaviors

Substance Abuse Addiction Behaviors: Manifestations to Detect

Substance abuse addiction is one of the more prominent issues observed in ordinary households in the United States. It can destroy healthy habits in ordinarily productive people and dismantle the relationships that keep families and communities stable. As a result, substance abuse addiction, specifically alcoholism, is considered a family disease. Regardless of who is suffering


Benzodiazepine Drug Addiction

Benzodiazepine Drug Addiction: Subtle Risk of Dependence

In contemporary times, there is an immense number of medicines and prescription drugs, created by pharmaceutical companies, which are circulating in communities in the United States. More often than not, consumers of these chemical products are not fully aware of their complete description, substance composition, or side effects. As these substances can cause a various


College Substance Abuse

College Substance Abuse: A Contagious Campus Culture

Drug abuse among college students is an alarming widespread issue on American campuses. Contrary to popular belief, illicit drugs are accessible to young individuals, including those considered to be productive and sober members of the community.  The demographic of college students is considered to have a heightened risk of addiction brought by peer pressure. They


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Understanding Relapse and Getting Through It Successfully

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.                                                – Confucius   Getting out of rehabilitation is usually your first measurable achievement on the road to sobriety. It’s like taking your first step towards living a new life. However, battling addiction is not really something you can equate with


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Addiction Recovery Process: Stages to a Better Life

Recovery from substance addiction is one of the most difficult, yet fulfilling, journeys a person can take in their lifetime. This can be in the form of gradual discontinuation or assisted recovery in rehabilitation centers and treatment spaces. Most of the time, addiction recovery requires proper medication and guidance, to prevent withdrawal symptoms, and promote



Medicare Coverage for Addiction Rehab: Navigating the Benefits

Being admitted to an addiction treatment center or rehab center can be costly. With multiple programs for different types of addiction, we often consider the journey towards recovery a financial investment. Most of the time, Americans with average salaries do not have the funds necessary for comprehensive and evidence-based treatment from private health providers. In


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Substance Abuse Counseling: A Worthwhile Profession

Substance abuse counseling is one of the most rewarding service-oriented careers in the treatment space industry. They specialize in certain conditions surrounding substance abuse, or in populations affected by drug and alcohol addiction. For instance, counselors can choose to focus on assisting victims of domestic abuse towards their recovery from prescription drug misuse. As substance


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