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alcohol use disorder

What is Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)? – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Throughout history, alcohol has been considered a norm for many social practices. It’s even common for adults to have a drink to relax and unwind. While partaking in occasional drinking is fun, many people have abused it and become addicted.   Alcoholism, also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), dependence, and alcohol abuse, has been


active and happy sober living

12 Surprising Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Researchers have linked alcohol to significant changes in people’s health, both for the better and the worse. It is a depressant that can slow down one’s brain. When someone frequently drinks heavily or over a prolonged period, their brain compensates for alcohol’s depressant effects by producing more stimulating chemicals.  Thus, giving up alcohol, even just


Broken Relationship

How Can Drug or Alcohol Abuse Ruin Relationships?

An alcohol or drug addiction is considered a chronic disease that involves compulsive substance abuse even though the person using drugs is aware or is exhibiting the substance’s negative physical, emotional, and mental consequences in their body. Addiction does not happen overnight; it builds from constant substance use. It affects the family and friends of


Parental Substance Abuse on Children: Effects Inside the Household

Parental Substance Abuse on Children: Effects Inside the Household

Substance abuse is a growing concern among households in the United States. It creates a dangerous culture that incites harmful consequences, not just to the people who use these substances, but also to people who are not directly involved. Contrary to popular belief, someone’s physical and mental health concerns are not the sole risks for


Substance Abuse Addiction Behaviors

Substance Abuse Addiction Behaviors: Manifestations to Detect

Substance abuse addiction is one of the more prominent issues observed in ordinary households in the United States. It can destroy healthy habits in ordinarily productive people and dismantle the relationships that keep families and communities stable. As a result, substance abuse addiction, specifically alcoholism, is considered a family disease. Regardless of who is suffering


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