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Tag: substance abuse

What To Do If Someone Refuses Addiction Treatment?

Drug addiction is considered a chronic disease and a brain disorder because it can chemically change brain function and structure. Drugs can impact a person’s “reward system” and trigger the unnatural stimulation of dopamine neurotransmitters.  This is why people who get addicted to drugs find it hard to quit, especially since their brains make them


College Substance Abuse

College Substance Abuse: A Contagious Campus Culture

Drug abuse among college students is an alarming widespread issue on American campuses. Contrary to popular belief, illicit drugs are accessible to young individuals, including those considered to be productive and sober members of the community.  The demographic of college students are considered to have a heightened risk of addiction brought by peer pressure. They


Insurance can cover up to 100% of treatment

We Accept Most Major Insurance Companies. We accept other forms of payment to make treatment affordable for yourself or a loved one

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