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Drug and alcohol abuse impacts millions of people each and every year and fighting addiction is often not something that you can do on your own. Due to this, professional help is of utmost importance when you are trying to choose a healthy life for yourself.

Restore Health and Wellness Center works with many insurance providers, such as Exclusive Care, to help you get the treatment you need. Starting today, you can break the cycle of addiction and begin to take the necessary steps toward a healthier, happier life.

Does Exclusive Care Cover Addiction Rehabilitation?

Detoxification, inpatient, outpatient and general wellness aftercare all work for individuals trying to beat addiction. Paying for these services can sometimes seem like a major burden for the addict that wants to get clean.

Luckily, Exclusive Care policy holders do have access to rehabilitation services. However, what is available to you and how much is covered depends greatly on the particular plan that you currently have in place and the particular state you are seeking treatment in.

Prolonged drug and alcohol abuse comes with a much higher price to pay than rehab. Restore Health and Wellness Center will work with Exclusive Care to make sure you can get the help you need without putting yourself in a financial hole.

Exclusive Care Addiction Rehab Coverage

Exclusive Care covers detox services at in-network rehab facilities. Different plans may offer differing levels of coverage, but Exclusive Care’s EPO health plan will cover 100 percent of the cost of treatment at in-network centers. Out of network facilities may also be covered but at a lesser percentage.

You must remember that getting help for an addiction is more important than the cost. No matter what kind of insurance you have, Restore Health and Wellness will work with your provider to help you get healthy again.

Do You Have Questions About Your Exclusive Care Coverage?

Ending the cycle of prolonged substance abuse, whether you’re drinking or using drugs, is not something you can do alone. Simply finding the right facility and experienced team can be hard enough.

When you are trying to quit, you need not worry about your insurance. Pick up the phone and one of our trained admissions professionals can answer any of your addiction or insurance-related questions. All calls are completely confidential and free or charge. Dial an admissions counselor and begin healing today.

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