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At Restore Drug Treatment Center, we offer a variety of certified rehabilitation programs and recovery services to help those suffering from Adderal dependence. We provide a full continuum of care, paired with a truly unique experience. Here, you can expect superior treatment, genuine care and support, and a community that you will forever be apart of. Our highly specialized drug rehab facility is fully equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to help you obtain a new life of sobriety. Through the use of our individualized rehabilitation plans, counseling services, therapy programs and lifelong support, you can finally begin to heal while on your recovery journey.

Adderall is a prescription stimulant drug comprised of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This medication is used primarily to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Though much less common, Adderall is also prescribed for the treatment of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and some forms of depression. People living with a diagnosis of ADHD face many challenges in life, which often starts at a very young age. Having an attention deficiency can be mentally exhausting and straining on many areas of a person’s life, particularly in areas such as school, work, relationships, finances and household duties. When ADHD is treated with Adderall, patients can gain control over their mind and establish balance. Unfortunately, this prescription drug does not come without its downfalls. Like all stimulants, Adderall can be highly addictive and is considered dangerous if a person exceeds their recommended dosage. If you have developed an Adderall dependency, or believe your loved one may be abusing their prescription, speak with the specialists at Restore Drug Rehab LA to learn about our Adderall addiction treatment programs.

Adderall Drug Abuse Trends

In order to legally obtain the controlled substance, a written prescription from a licensed doctor is needed. Although Adderall should only be taken by those diagnosed with one of the disorders the drug treats, it is regularly abused by people all across the United States. Adderall abuse is now quite casual among high school and college students. These individuals are attracted to the drug’s ability to increase concentration, alertness, and energy, which can enhance productivity. Due to the fact that a large percent of the population, including adolescents, adults, and even children, take Adderall daily by prescription, it is a common misconception among students that it is safe for recreational consumption. However, Adderall and all other stimulant medications are incredibly dangerous when used in any manner other than as prescribed. The lack of stigma surrounding Adderall causes many people to falsely assume its use is acceptable without a prescription.Adderall Drug Rehab Unfortunately, those who take it to enhance performance or reduce appetite often find themselves dependent on the drug after prolonged use.

People who suffer from Adderall dependence may have difficulty recognizing a problem even exists simply because the drug is considered a prescription medication. The drug’s labeling leads many to believe it must be safe for anyone to consume. Adderall may be a common drug of choice among college students because of its ability to significantly advance their studies, but it is still considered illegal for these individuals to consume or possess the prescription drug. According to a survey sponsored by The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 9.6% of college students reported using Adderall without a prescription in 2014. The study also found that many students consumed alcohol while taking Adderall or with the drug still in their system. Reports of binge drinking on Adderall were also common. These practices can lead to an addiction of more than one substance and can have dangerous long-term complications, both mentally and physically.

Can Adderall Abuse Lead To Addiction?

Stimulant drugs have a high potential for abuse, and Adderall is no exception. Many people take it recreationally or on rare occasions to heighten performance during an event. Others abuse Adderall regularly to keep up with work or school and eventually get addicted. In many cases, theses individuals won’t stop taking the drug because they fear a significant decline in performance. In addition to those who take the medication illegally, the people who prescribed Adderall for ADHD are also at high risk of becoming dependent on the drug in the long run.

Adderall can lose its effectiveness when taken over a long period of time, causing those who are looking to achieve the same high to increase their dosage. Extended drug use can result in a higher tolerance, and may also push an individual to use alternative methods of administration, such as snorting or injecting for an intense high.

Regardless of how an Adderall addiction develops, use of the drug is rarely stopped without help from a certified Adderall addiction treatment center. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call the addiction specialists at Restore Drug Treatment Center today for a better tomorrow.

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    What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Adderall Addiction?

    An Adderall abuse problem becomes increasingly more noticeable as a dependency forms and larger doses are taken to match the rising tolerance. A person who abuses Adderall, especially without having an attention deficit disorder, will likely become agitated or hyperactive when taking the stimulant drug. Feelings of focus, clarity, and improved functioning are diluted by an overwhelming sense of anxiety, Adderall Treatmentnervousness, and lack of sleep. The drug can take control over a person’s life, making them feel powerless without it. Friends, family, a significant other, hobbies, and the many other joys in the individual’s life no longer hold precedence. Drug-seeking and drug-taking behavior soon becomes their number one priority. It is important to pay attention to changes in your child or loved one’s behavior, so that hopefully a problem with Adderall abuse can be treated before it even reaches the addiction stage. Adderall abuse can lead to overdose, heart palpitations, dizziness, paranoia, and chest pain. If any of these severe physical symptoms arise when taking Adderall, immediate medical attention should be sought out. In addition to common symptoms of use, Adderall also has many adverse effects, both short-term and long-term. Many people fail to stop and think about the consequences that drug use can have on their mind and body in the future – some of which don’t occur until several years after use.

    Short-Term Effects Long-Term Effects
    • Suppressed appetite
    • Rapid weight loss
    • Restlessness
    • Irritability
    • Insomnia
    • Bouts of depression
    • High blood pressure
    • Disturbance to cardiac rhythm
    • Overdose
    • Anxiety and panic disorders
    • Depression
    • Hostility
    • Paranoia
    • Mental and emotional distress
    • Manic Behavior
    • Motor and vocal tics
    • Heart Disease
    • Addiction

    Adderall Rehab at Restore Treatment LA

    Adderall dependence can happen to anyone who uses the medication, whether they have a prescription to treat a disorder or are using it illegally. Either way, Adderall addiction treatment is needed.  Restore Drug Treatment Center has a variety of certified rehabilitation programs available to help those in need. We provide a full continuum of care, matched by a truly unique experience. Clients of Restore receive their own personal treatment program, tailored to his or her individual needs and areas that need addressing. Though not always required, clients may begin treatment in detox before transitioning into rehab. The severity of one’s addiction will determine if residential rehab, outpatient treatment, or residential rehab followed by outpatient treatment will be the best fit for you.

    Physically weaning off of stimulants can be challenging to do on your own. Detoxing from Adderall can also be dangerous if not carried out in a medical setting. It is highly recommended, and in your best interest, to have 24/7 supervision by a licensed doctor and clinical staff during Adderall detox. Once all traces of Adderall deplete from your body, the treatment phase can begin. Adderall Addiction Treatment in California Traditional therapies, counseling, and holistic treatments are applied during the rehabilitation process in order to address the underlying aspects of your Adderall addiction, such as mental illness.

    Mental health disorders often co-occur with substance use disorders. Depression, anxiety, and ADHD are secondary illnesses most frequently seen with Adderall abuse and addiction. If a mental health problem exists but has yet to be properly diagnosed, the therapist will uncover and address it during treatment. Substance abuse and mental illness must be treated simultaneously for treatment to be effective. Otherwise, the mental illness will eventually drive a recovering addict back to drug use. We offer dual diagnosis treatment programs at Restore to assist men and women seeking recovery from co-occurring disorders.

    At Restore Drug Treatment Center, our rehabilitation programs and aftercare services teach you vital coping skills and management techniques in addition to offering relapse prevention support. Here, you can expect high-quality treatment, genuine care and support, and a community that you will forever be apart of. Our licensed psychiatrists and doctors, as well as our dedicated nursing staff, work with you each step of the way to meet all of your needs. Start your journey on the road to recovery at Restore Treatment Center today. Speak with our Admissions counselors for more information about the programs used in Adderall addiction treatment at the Restore facility.

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