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The impact of drug and alcohol abuse is documented all over the world. When you find yourself in the midst of an addiction, a desire to be sober is often not enough to help you overcome the debilitating disease. You likely will need professional help to get better.

Restore Health and Wellness is here to make sure you get the treatment you so desperately need. We work with all major insurance providers, including Amerigroup, to make sure you can finally meet your sobriety goals.

Does Amerigroup Cover Addiction Rehabilitation?

Amerigroup serves over 3.5 million people in the United States. It administers state sponsored health programs in 12 states- Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.

Rehabilitation facilities have worked wonders for many addicts. From long-time abusers to relatively recent addicts, there’s no substitute for rehab. The problem is that paying for it can seem like a challenge for many people.

At Restore Health and Wellness, we work with your insurance provider and your coverage to develop a treatment plan. The cost of staying addicted is just too high. Without help, the price you pay may be much greater over time.

Amerigroup Addiction Rehab Coverage

Amerigroup is an advocate for cost-effective care without discrimination. They serve everyone including disabled individuals, the elderly, pregnant women, and children. The insurance provider will at least partially cover drug and alcohol rehab, but for inpatient care, individuals must be pre-certified. This means that Amerigroup must approve the program prior to admission. Fortunately, our addiction professionals can assist in this process.

Amerigroup insures many people, but with so many plan options, it can be hard to know where you stand in terms of rehab coverage. Sorting it all out when you should be focusing on getting help can be hard too.

Let us work with your health insurance provider to figure out an effective treatment plan for you. There’s no reason you can’t get clean and sober with Amerigroup and Restore Health and Wellness on your side.

Questions about Amerigroup Coverage?

Exploring the details of your insurance policy does not have to be a full time job when you are working to overcome addiction. Our admissions counselors are standing by to offer you free, confidential knowledge and support.

Call the admissions professionals at Restore Health and Wellness and let us work with Amerigroup for you. We will come up with a treatment plan and get you into rehab as soon as possible. When it comes to your health, there’s no time to waste.

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