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There are many treatment facilities that focus on the traditional methods of treating addiction, however, at Restore Health and Wellness, we additionally incorporate holistic treatment modalities for clients who choose to participate. While drugs and alcohol are but a symptom of addiction, holistic modalities mean that we treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms that brought them to treatment, to begin with. There are many types of holistic approaches to treatment such as implementing acupuncture, massage therapy, and meditation, however, one of the most popular modalities that can be found at Restore Health and Wellness is Yoga. When used correctly, we’ve seen results first hand that demonstrate the effectiveness of yoga as an addiction recovery tool.

Yoga is not only a way to get in shape, it is also a spiritual and healing art. Developed over 2,000 years ago in the far east, Yoga has branched into Western culture and become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. According to Sat Dharam Kaur, founder of “Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery,” “every addiction at its core is a weak substitute for deep, inner fulfillment. Addiction is a displaced longing – we all have a longing to be ‘at home’ with ourselves, comfortable in our own skin, and to be loved.” While yoga can be a form of meditation, it can additionally aid in addiction treatment. Practicing Yoga induces the development of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for choice – as well as the area that is most compromised by alcohol and drug addiction.

Practicing Yoga in Recovery

When individuals come into treatment, generally their physical well-being lacks. Though, that is only one part of it. Drug and alcohol use wreaks havoc on the brain chemistry of the addict or alcoholic, and it can take time to restore regular functioning. Practicing yoga can replace artificial highs for natural ones, while it can generally increase dopamine production and increase blood and oxygen flow. Physically, it can improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Some additional benefits of yoga can include:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Emotional healing
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved confidence

As an addiction recovery tool, the most commonly practiced form of yoga focuses on posture and breathing techniques. This can help individuals relax, maintain a focus on breathing, and let go of outside influences. Additionally, yoga and other forms of holistic therapy can help those new to recovery find healthier ways of coping with stress or other negative situations. While in treatment, there can be a lot going on at once, and many are simply trying to cope with the realities and physical discomfort of not using. By setting aside time to develop mindfulness and self-awareness, many can find new ways to strengthen themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while regaining control of their bodies. Yoga can also help fill the time previously spent acquiring and using drugs with healthier activities.

Practicing yoga does not require one to become an expert of a guru to receive all of its benefits. Starting with a number of slow and simple postures, clients at Restore Health and Wellness can begin to reap the benefits of increased strength, flexibility, relaxation, and awareness. Our holistic addiction treatment approach includes yoga and mindfulness-based therapy for a complete approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit. Visit our addiction treatment center in Calabasas, CA at 6918 Owensmouth Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303. 24/7 Admissions (818) 722-9019. On-Site Contact (818) 806-3914.

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