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Heroin Addiction

Restore Drug Treatment Center offers numerous personalized heroin addiction treatment programs to help addicts overcome opiate dependence once and for all.


Heroin addiction is a major health crisis happening across the United States. Due to the drug’s similarities to prescription opioids, and affordability in comparison, this deadly substance has become a leading drug of abuse. Heroin and other opioids are derivatives of opium, which comes from the poppy plant. Other than heroin, some commonly abused opioids include morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, fentanyl, meperidine, methadone, and oxycodone. The euphoric effects and the false sense of well-being temporarily produced by heroin and other drugs of this class is a large contributor to addiction. Additionally, heroin is widely available on the street and can be consumed through various different methods. Just one use can put someone on the rapid path to addiction.

What Makes Heroin Addictive?

Heroin abuse produces high levels of tolerance very quickly, meaning that it impacts brain functioning much faster than most other drugs. As soon as someone starts abusing heroin, they will begin to build a tolerance to the drug. Once a tolerance has developed, it will take increased amounts of the drug to produce the same desired effects. Achieving a level of euphoria through heroin becomes much more difficult as the substance abuse persists.

Eventually, a heroin user must continue to abuse the drug simply to avoid the dangerous and highly unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. This indicates that a heroin addiction has formed. Once an addict becomes dependent on heroin, the cravings are often too strong to resist without professional assistance.

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    Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Dependence

    If you suspect someone you love may be abusing heroin, it is important to know what signs to look for. These may include:

    • The presence of drug paraphernalia
    • Dilated pupils
    • Slowed breathing
    • Excessive yawning or an unexplained loss of energy
    • Sleeping at unusual times during the day
    • Disorientation, slowed movements, or slurred speech
    • Behavioral changes, including social withdrawal, excessive mood swings, and hostility when confronted about drugs
    • Sores, scabs, or needle marks at injection sites

    Heroin abuse can quickly develop into an addiction if the signs are ignored. Once a person becomes dependent on heroin, they will likely exhibit many of the following signs:

    • Building a tolerance to the drug
    • Experiencing strong cravings for the substance
    • Facing withdrawal symptoms when heroin is not used
    • Neglecting responsibilities at school, work, or home
    • Disregarding hobbies that were once enjoyed
    • Social withdrawal
    • Lacking personal hygiene
    • The inability to stop using, despite an awareness of any negative consequences

    Effective Heroin Addiction Treatment

    Prolonged heroin abuse can have serious short-term and long-term health effects. Some of these health problems include collapsed veins, gastrointestinal issues, cardiac infections, and kidney or liver disease. However, one of the most deadly side effects of heroin abuse is the risk of overdose. Therefore, it is imperative to seek out quality heroin addiction treatment from Restore Drug Rehab LA at the earliest possible chance.

    Restore Drug Treatment Center offers numerous personalized programs to help addicts overcome heroin dependence once and for all. From detox to comprehensive treatment and aftercare planning, the addiction professionals at Restore Detox Treatment LA know that recovery is a complex process.

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