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Aftercare in California

Addiction aftercare programs at Restore Treatment Center are designed to provide ongoing support and motivation following the completion of rehabilitation treatment.


The Importance of Aftercare Programs

It is common for people to believe that their addiction will be cured once they have completed the detox process. In reality, addiction treatment and aftercare programs are the focal points of any successful recovery. When used on its own, detoxification will not address the underlying psychological triggers or self-destructive behaviors associated with substance abuse and addiction. Recovery is a process, not a particular event, and it requires continuous maintenance to preserve sobriety for a lifetime.

Addiction aftercare programs at Restore Treatment Center are designed to provide ongoing support and motivation following the completion of rehabilitation treatment. Once a client returns to independent living, he or she will need to implement addiction aftercare strategies in order to face potential triggers, should they occur.

How Do I Avoid Relapse?

Aftercare programs applied in recovery for addiction come in many different natures. A vital component of addiction aftercare programming at Restore Drug Treatment LA, is to ensure that each client understands their own addiction triggers and can identify people, places, environments and scenarios that may prompt the need or desire to use.Avoiding a relapse Clients will then learn ways to avoid temptations, as well as coping mechanisms to utilize when urges do arise, in order to prevent themselves from returning to a cycle of addiction.

While at Restore Drug Treatment LA, clients create and work through their own individualized relapse prevention plans. Oftentimes, many addicts in recovery feel confident in their aftercare plan while in alcohol and drug rehab. However, it is important to understand that this plan will likely need adjusting to suit varying circumstances upon return to independent living.

Who Should Consider Sober Living?

For many recovery addicts, returning to independent living after completing addiction rehab can be very difficult. Making this transition too quickly, or before the individual is fully prepared, can generate temptations to indulge in self-destructive behaviors. In many instances, the home environment is not a suitable place to carry on in recovery, and a sober living community will need to be an option that is considered. Sober living at Restore Treatment Center offers an added level of support and security to help slowly transition recovering addicts from rehabilitation treatment to independent living. Restore’s sober house is a place where addicts can develop supportive relationships with their peers who are also working towards a common goal. Although our residents must abide by certain rules, they are given more freedom to assimilate back into society and develop the necessary life skills for a sober future.

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    The Benefits of Alternative Therapy Programs for Aftercare

    While traditional treatments and counseling sessions are crucial to the recovery process, incorporating alternative therapies into any treatment plan can help implement positive new habits, hobbies and life skills. Alternative therapies include: yoga, meditation, nutrition, exercise therapy, creative therapies, equine therapies, and a range of other addiction recovery options.

    Each alternative addiction therapy program is designed to help clients learn profitable strategies for coping with stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Continuing to participate in alternative therapies after rehabilitation is a highly beneficial form of aftercare. Replacing old, negative habits with new, positive hobbies can help addicts maintain focus on their success in long-term recovery.

    Ongoing Counseling and Support Groups

    Aftercare Programs in CaliforniaMaking a commitment to attend ongoing counseling sessions, support group meetings, and taking part in our Alumni programs at Restore Treatment LA is important for addicts in recovery. Attending meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and SMART Recovery offers the opportunity to meet people who are working through similar challenges. Engaging with people who are also in recovery can reduce feelings of isolation and boost one’s self-esteem. By building relationships with people who are aiming to achieve similar goals, addicts are more likely to continue on the path of sobriety.

    Just as no one should fight drug or alcohol addiction alone, no one should face recovery without the proper tools and professional support. Our addiction aftercare programs at Restore Drug Treatment LA help addicts maintain the sobriety that they worked incredibly hard to achieve. It is never too late to welcome positive change into your life.

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