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For those who have struggled with addiction, you may have already recognized that the agonizing effects of addiction are more than a choice and beyond your control. Admitting that you need the help can be one of the biggest challenges of your life. It takes great self-awareness to realize that you cannot quit on your own and much humility to reach out for help. Adding up all of the costs of addiction treatment can become overwhelming, especially having the desire to enter treatment, but not the means. However, while looking for an Oxford covered drug rehab facility, knowing that you can have an insurance plan that can lower the costs of receiving efficient and qualified care can make the process much easier.

Oxford Covered Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Oxford Insurance Drug Rehab

For many, it can be hard to find the best Oxford insurance drug rehab facility for your needs within your budget, however, the first step is discovering the right healthcare plan to get the care that you need. Luckily, if you currently carry an Oxford Health plan, the company has a specified department for those seeking out help within the category of Behavioral Health. This includes mental health, and substance abuse treatment.

In 2004, United Health purchased the insurance company of Oxford Health Plans. While United Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare providers in the world, Oxford and United Health partnering together has gone to ensure that their customers receive the best care possible. If you are on an Oxford plan, the qualified admission coordinators at Restore Health and Wellness can run a benefit check to determine your coverage. This can help you decipher what is and what isn’t covered by your plan.

Oxford Covered Drug Treatment Centers

Oxford plans typically have a range of services that cover different aspects of treatment. Typically, some plans will cover a portion of residential treatment, and different plans will cover 100% of services. Oxford plans for substance abuse cater to those in need of treating chemical dependency by covering common program attributes that Restore Health and Wellness offers to those suffering from addictions. Some of these include medically-assisted drug detox, partial hospitalization, residential treatment, and strong aftercare services.

With the help of Oxford insurance plans, high-quality treatment is much more attainable that one may think. Additionally, there are a variety of options that you have when it comes to individualized treatment at Restore Health and Wellness. Most common lengths of stay are 30, 60, and 90 days, and studies have shown that the longer one stays in treatment, the more likely they are to staying sober long-term. Restore Health and Wellness is one of many Oxford covered treatment centers and offers a quality of care that is unmatched.

In today’s healthcare industry, there have been large shifts in how substance abuse treatment is viewed as a necessity. Worrying about the costs of treatment while also suffering from the debilitating effects of you or your loved ones chemical dependency can only prolong the symptoms and make things worse. Worrying about the costs of treatment shouldn’t have to stop you from getting the help you or your loved one needs. Let the specialists at Restore Health and Wellness run your insurance and help you understand what is and isn’t covered by your Oxford plan.

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