Substance use disorder is recognized as a brain disorder that comes along with negative consequences including financial, social, physical, and spiritual. It has been proven that going to treatment for substance abuse can be the catalyst that can bring lifelong change to treat addiction. No matter how long an individual has been struggling, treatment can offer the tools, structure, and accountability that a person needs to combat alcohol and drug dependency and abuse.

NYSHIP Empire Plan Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Empire Plan Covered Drug Treatment Program

While taking the first step to this lifelong journey, the question of costs usually come into play. Admitting into an addiction treatment facility is not cheap, especially those that are equipped to teach adequate coping skills, employ qualified staff, and certified therapists. While treatment is not always cheap, fortunately, there are insurance plans such as New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), also known the Empire Plan, that can significantly lower the costs of treatment. Restore Health and Wellness Center is an Empire Plan drug rehab and NYSHIP covered drug treatment center.

When checking benefits, one of our qualified admissions coordinators can go into depth about what your specific plan covers. Insurance benefits usually vary on a number of factors. NYSHIP is also commonly known as Empire Plan, and substance abuse benefits are managed by Beacon Health Options which is formally known as ValueOptions. With the Empire Plan for drug treatment, you have access to in-network providers, as well as out of network providers. While using insurance, the severity, frequency, and duration of your addiction will play a large role in the type of treatment and the duration of treatment that you will receive. The best option is to contact an NYSHIP covered drug rehab center so you can receive a thorough assessment.

Drug Rehabs That Take NYSHIP Insurance

Here at Restore Health and Wellness, we are one of the drug rehabs that take NYSHIP insurance. For those looking for substance abuse treatment with the Empire Plan, Beacon Health Options requires a JCAHO accreditation by the treatment facility to authorize services for treatment. Luckily, Restore Health and Wellness is a JCAHO accredited drug rehab, and we provide the level of services that JCAHO has accredited. For best details about your insurance, your qualified admission coordinators can run your insurance benefits and give you a detailed summary on what your insurance covers for our facility.

While finding life-changing treatment for yourself or a loved one, understanding your specific coverage is vital. There are a number of key questions you may want to ask when talking about costs. Some of these can include:

  • How much can I expect to pay in regards to a deductible or out of pocket cost?
  • Are there specific services that are covered or not covered?
  • Are there only certain treatment facilities that are available with my type of coverage?
  • What is the duration of substance abuse treatment with my coverage?

By asking a number of questions, you can be sure that your coverage is clear, and you will not be facing any unexpected costs down the road.

Using insurance to lower the costs and pay for drug and alcohol is one of the best ways to reduce the financial burden of recovery. Since addiction is classified as a chronic mental health disease, insurance is designed to help with medical costs, and help those overcome their afflictions. While it can take time to look and pick out the right facility for yourself or a loved one, addiction doesn’t take time itself. Don’t hesitate and call Restore Health and Wellness Center today to inquire more about our NYSHIP covered drug treatment services.

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