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 For those struggling with a substance abuse disorder and looking for a high-quality drug treatment center to address certain aspects of addiction, it can become overwhelming and challenging to find life-saving addiction rehab. Getting proper help can become expensive, and sometimes can cost thousands of dollars. For family members and individuals with the hope of attaining lifelong recovery, this can be discouraging and a hard fact to take in. However, you may be surprised that there are plenty of qualified Harvard Pilgrim drug treatment centers that may take your Harvard Pilgrim health insurance plan including Restore Health and Wellness.

Harvard Pilgrim Drug Alcohol Rehab

Harvard Pilgrim Drug Alcohol Rehab

Luckily, more and more people and insurance companies are beginning to see drug and alcohol addiction as it is: a medically manageable disease. While public views of substance abuse have changed, so have the payment options available for medically treating addiction. With recent developments such as the Affordable Care Act, and the Addiction Equity Act, this lists addiction treatment as one of ten essential health benefits for insurance companies as well as requiring employer-based insurance plans to cover substance abuse treatment. With positive steps in the right direction, addiction treatment in the United States can now be more affordable than ever.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care offers high-quality levels of treatment for people who are currently suffering from addiction. With employer-based plans and individual plans, you are eligible to be covered for a range of different behavioral health issues, including substance abuse.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care supports efforts to combat the far-reaching effects of substance abuse. By placing a heavy emphasis on psycho-education and different types of therapy modalities, Harvard Pilgrim provides effective communication and coordination between treatment facilities involved in the treatment of a common patient who has substance abuse disorder.

Drug Rehabs That Take Harvard Pilgrim

With this knowledge at hand, Harvard Pilgrim offers quality coverage for many behavioral health issues, including substance abuse disorders. However, exactly what kind of coverage you can get through Harvard Pilgrim depends on the particulars of your plan, which can vary with the state in which you’re enrolled and the type of plan you select for coverage.

It’s important to remember that having insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment should be a step towards recovery, not a barrier to it. Health insurance may seem like a complicated web of laws and regulations, however, at Restore Health and Wellness our certified admissions specialists can read the fine print and let you know exactly what your Harvard Pilgrim plan covers for our facility. If you have Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance, it is likely that you will have all or at least some coverage. If you don’t have coverage or won’t get full coverage, don’t let that discourage you from getting the help you need. Other arrangements or referrals can be made.

At Restore Health and Wellness, we assist in rebuilding the lives of our clients to achieve long-term sobriety and to accomplish their goals. If you’re looking for a drug treatment center, alcohol rehab, or inpatient rehab that will be able to utilize your Harvard Pilgrim Health policy, Restore Health and Wellness can assist in determining the details of your insurance coverage and get your life back.

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