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OxyContin is a brand name prescription drug that contains the opioid, oxycodone. OxyContin is prescribed for the purpose of treating moderate to severe pain. The medication is effective when used for acute pain caused by injuries or surgeries, and for chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis or cancer. OxyContin is an opioid classified as a Schedule II drug by the DEA. Because opioid drugs have a considerably high risk for abuse, and addiction often follows continued use of these drugs, prescribing OxyContin’s for the treatment of chronic pain is controversial. However, OxyContin was formulated in 1995 as an extended relief version of oxycodone specifically to counteract abuse. Typically, the drug contains far higher doses of the active ingredient than standard oxycodone tablets, but the oxycodone is released very slowly throughout the day. This removes the need for people to take several doses each day. This can quickly lead to a dependence, which will need addressing in a certified Oxycontin addiction treatment program.

How is OxyContin Abused?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that over 16 million individuals in the United States used prescription medications for non-medical purposes in the previous year. Oxycontin, when procured and sold on the streets, can come in various forms. Those who abuse OxyContin often crush the pills into a fine powder in order to snort it for an immediate high. Another way users attempt to achieve a rapid high and increase the strength of OxyContin’s effects is to chew it. An even more dangerous method for abuse of this prescription medication is to augment its formulation and dissolve it for injection. Oxycontin is combined with other drugs and can be a prevalent substitute when drug addicts might not have access to their opiate of choice. This can also be combined with stimulants to help with coming down off of Oxycontin, but not fully go through withdrawal symptoms.

Proponents of the drug say that the extended release properties prevent people from becoming addicted, but opponents argue that the anti-abuse features are easily circumvented. OxyContin Drug RehabAbusers will crush the tablets and either snort the powder or mix it with water to create an injectable solution. Both methods disable the extended release properties and rapidly emits much larger doses of the active ingredient all at once.

OxyContin can have a sedative effect in normal use. Some people will experience this more than others, but everyone should avoid driving or operating machinery when taking the drug.

Symptoms of OxyContin Abuse:

Nausea Anxiety
Vomiting Mood swings
Dry Mouth Irritability
Headaches Depression
Constipation Hallucinations
Sweating Paranoia
Dizziness Impaired thinking
Dozing off or nodding out Developing Tolerance
Problems with Respiratory Function Withdrawal

Can OxyContin Abuse Lead to Addiction?

Similar to all opioids, the pleasurable effects of OxyContin are diminished with repeated use because the body builds a tolerance to the drug. The presence of a tolerance requires the user to keep increasing the dose to reach a satisfactory high. This type of abuse causes the body to become dependent on the drug due to the chemical changes it induces within the cells. Once OxyContin dependence forms, people who try to quit will experience strong cravings for the drug, which are accompanied by severe withdrawal symptoms. If you believe someone you love may be struggling with OxyContin dependence,

Signs of OxyContin Addiction
  • Taking more than the prescribed dose
  • Taking OxyContin more often than prescribed
  • Using administration methods other than what the doctor prescribed – snorting, injecting, or smoking the substance
  • Hiding or lying about drug use
  • Obtaining the drug illegally – doctor shopping, forging prescriptions, stealing pills from others, buying off drug dealers, etc.
  • Stealing or borrowing money from others
  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, work, school, and in personal relationships
  • Lack of care for health and/or hygiene
  • Financial problems
  • Secretive behavior
  • Changes in mood, personality, and behavior
  • Socially withdrawn
  • Absentminded
  • Short-tempered or defensive
  • Obtaining and using OxyContin takes priority over everything else in his or her life

Is OxyContin Detox A Part Of Treatment?

OxyContin detox is the process of eliminating toxins and traces of the drug from the body. Detoxing from any opioid drug without medical supervision from trained specialists at a certified drug rehab facility is very dangerous. When a person with an OxyContin dependence stops taking the drug, he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms

Symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal can be unpleasant and make the user feel uncomfortable overall during the detoxification process. These symptoms can cause a person who detoxes on their own to relapse and return to drug use for the sake of finding relief from their pain. When OxyContin detox is conducted under clinical supervision, it enhances one’s probability of completing the process of withdrawal and transitioning from detox into rehab.

Detox is simply the first step in OxyContin addiction treatment. The detoxification process breaks the body’s physical dependence on the drug but does nothing to address the psychological factors associated with the individual’s drug abuse and addiction. Counseling programs and behavioral therapy offered in rehab is also needed in order to recover from OxyContin addiction.

What Are Effective Programs For OxyContin Addiction Treatment?

Even though OxyContin is a prescription medication, overcoming an addiction to it can be just as challenging as recovering from illicit street drugs such as heroin. People who try to stop using OxyContin without help from addiction treatment specialists habitually relapse before even completing the process of withdrawal. Symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal can be minimized or avoided by tapering off the drug gradually, but it can be very difficult to manage that process without professional help. Furthermore, preventing relapse is more complex than just working to get through withdrawal.

The best option for OxyContin addiction treatment is a residential rehab program, much like the one found at Restore Drug Treatment Center. Residential rehab allows addicts to concentrate fully on breaking free from the grips of drug dependence. Our highly trained team of staff carefully supervise and administer each dose, and they will be able to get people off the drug as quickly as possible, but without the severely unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.OxyContin Treatment

Our residential treatment programs also provide extensive therapy to deal with the psychological side of drug dependence. Most people who seek addiction treatment also struggle with mental and emotional challenges that either originally led them to abuse substances or resulted from long-term use. We incorporate relapse prevention techniques and aftercare maintenance strategies into rehab to prepare clients mentally, physically, and emotionally on how to be successful in life after treatment. These programs instill positive coping mechanisms and help clients build a strong network of support to rely on in recovery.

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