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Treatment: Illicit Drugs

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana Rehab

At Restore Health and Wellness, we can help you through the all the stages of synthetic marijuana addiction treatment. Our residential drug treatment program will help you address the underlying causes of your addiction, learn to cope with your triggers in a healthy manner, and learn the relapse prevention skills you need to live a healthy and drug-free life.


Methamphetamine Drug Treatment Rehab Center

Methamphetamine Rehab

Meth is a powerfully addictive stimulant that causes a rapid decline in the physical and mental health of the user. Methamphetamine addiction treatment programs can help people who are dependent on the drug to stop using and obtain a fulfilling life in recovery. At Restore Drug Rehab Center, we provide exceptional treatment for methamphetamine addiction in a luxury rehab setting.


Marijuana Drug Treatment Rehab Center

Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. Unfortunately, many people fail to seek treatment due to a belief that Marijuana is not an addictive substance. Marijuana dependence can have long-term detrimental consequences if left untreated. A variety of effective Marijuana treatment programs and valuable therapies are offered Restore Health and Wellness.


LSD Rehab

LSD Rehab

Restore Drug Rehab LA offers a range of programs that are proven effective for the treatment of LSD abuse and dependence.


Inhalant Addiction Treatment

Inhalants Rehab

Inhalants are toxic chemical substances that are extremely dangerous and cause many health complications in those who abuse these products. Inhalant abuse is frequently a sign of a bigger problem, such as issues with mental health or behavior. Restore Health and Wellness Center offers many effective drug rehab programs that tackle inhalant abuse and co-occurring disorders.


Heroin Drug Treatment Rehab Center

Heroin Rehab

Heroin is a dangerous drug that has lasting physical and mental effects on a person’s health. Heroin rehab programs at Restore Drug Treatment LA are designed to help people overcome even the most severe Heroin addictions.


Flakka Drug Treatment Rehab Center

Flakka Rehab

Flakka Addiction Treatment At Restore Drug Treatment LA, we offer innovative addiction treatment programs for a new, synthetic drug known as Flakka. Effective Flakka addiction treatment is hard to come by because it wasn’t until recently that the drug formulation was produced, causing an outbreak on the streets and rapid growth in popularity among illicit drug users.


Crystal Meth Rehab Center

Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal Meth is an illicit drug that possesses a high risk for abuse and severe addictive potential. If left untreated, Crystal Meth abuse will quickly lead to addiction. Restore Drug Treatment LA offers effective Crystal Meth rehab programs for people in need of help overcoming addiction.


Crack Drug Treatment Rehab Center

Crack Rehab

Crack abuse alters the chemical balance and structure of the brain and terminates natural production of neurotransmitters that control the reward system and pleasure center, which often leads to a cycle of abuse. At the Restore Drug Treatment Center, our highly-successful Crack rehab programs help you to put an end to this cycle and ultimately overcome your dependence on the drug.


Cocaine Drug Treatment Rehab Center

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addiction is a disorder that can have a deadly outcome if left untreated. At Restore Drug Treatment Center, we offer a wide selection of cocaine rehab programs to help you take your life back from addiction.


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