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Looking for proper help during the opioid and substance abuse epidemic in the country can be expensive, overwhelming and difficult for those in need of adequate care. With the rising costs of health care in the country, treatment can be expensive and overwhelming when looking for a facility that will meet your budget. However, without the right care, a client that does not address certain aspects of their addiction may be at risk for relapse. Fortunately, you may be pleased to know that many drug and alcohol rehab facilities may accept your health insurance plan for some or all of payment for treatment.

CoreSource Covered Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Does CoreSource Cover Addiction Treatment?

Luckily, it may come as a huge relief for those seeking help that CoreSource Insurance can decrease or eliminate the heavy burden of costs associated with addiction treatment. CoreSource Insurance is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), and self-funded employee benefits program. The program serves more than 900 clients is well-respected throughout the world of employee benefit programs.

Treatment for chemical dependency is far more exorbitant in price than most people would anticipate. With all the services offered at residential drug rehabs, round the clock care, and medical support, it’s no surprise that costs for treatment are always high for those seeking sobriety. However, with insurance agencies like CoreSource, they offer benefits and strategies that will pave a trail for the recuperating client.

CoreSource Addiction Rehab Coverage

Administrators like CoreSource had expanded services to include health insurance alcohol and drug treatment after the Parity Act was implemented. The Parity Act was initially designed to highlight employee benefits of self-funded employee programs. The emphasis of this act was on mandatory health insurance guidelines for large employers. When this happened, many employers who had no interest in covering chemical dependency treatment have started to think differently. In its role of being a Third-Party Administrator, CoreSource handles claims, sets up networks across the nation, and handles inpatient and outpatient providers and non-providers.

Find CoreSource Covered Drug Treatment Centers

CoreSource insurance has come to understand that addiction is a life-long yet treatable disease and provides their members the opportunity to seek out life-saving services at residential and intensive outpatient levels of care. When inquiring about a treatment facility, you’ll need to verify whether your CoreSource insurance plan will cover your treatment needs. At Restore Health and Wellness, we provide comprehensive and world-class treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction. Insurance complexities can be hard to understand, and our specialized admission specialists can help guide you in this process and are happy to help figure out how much your insurance covers.

Once we have verified your or your loved one’s insurance, our qualified admissions specialists will give you a call to review the coverage and help you decide what works best. If all works out, we can discuss the time frame that matches your calendar to help you or your loved one enter treatment and get the care that you or your loved one needs.

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