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Alcohol and drug abuse can damage your health, your career and your relationships, just to name a few. Getting out of the cycle of abuse is not always easy for addicts and many need professional help to return to a healthy, happy life.

At Restore Health and Wellness Center we work with ComPsych and other major insurance providers to help you get the treatment you need. Dealing with addiction is challenging enough without worrying about your health insurance. Thus we do everything we can to make recovery easier on you.

Does ComPsych Cover Addiction Rehabilitation?

Inpatient care, detox and outpatient programs have a proven track record of helping people get clean and sober, but having to pay out of pocket for these services is a major concern for many addicts. Fortunately, CompPsych covers at least part, if not most, of any preapproved drug and alcohol rehab programs.

The cost of not getting help and staying an addict is far too high to pay. That’s why we will work with ComPsych to make sure you do not have a major financial burden after you get clean and sober.

ComPsych Addiction Rehab Coverage

ComPsych offers a wide range of coverage plans for addiction rehabilitation and treatment. What your plan will cover does depend on the particular policy you have chosen. Typically ComPsych will cover up to 180 days of addiction services per calendar year, depending on your unique situation.

When you are trying to beat an addiction, working with your insurance company should be the last thing on your mind. We can work with ComPsych on your behalf to make sure you get the quality treatment you deserve.

Have Questions About Your ComPsych Coverage?

Trying to beat drug or alcohol addiction on your own can feel like an impossible feat. For someone with a moderate to serious addiction, it simply many not be possible to get sober without professional assistance and insurance should not be an added weight on your shoulders.

Call Restore Health and Wellness Center today and allow one of our admissions professionals to do the work for you- confidentially and completely cost free. We will assess your plan and determine what is covered and in what state you will have the optimum coverage benefits. The first step in recovery is reaching out for help. Pick up the phone today.

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