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Addiction is a disease that can take hold and not let go, despite a person’s best intentions to quit. Trying to break free from drug and alcohol abuse is not easy, and those who are not experiencing it often do not understand the struggle.

Here at Restore Health and Wellness, we understand addiction and what treatment entails. By working with your Beacon Health Options coverage, we hope to make your recovery an attainable goal.

Beacon Health Options Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Does Beacon Cover Addiction Rehabilitation?

Breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse is difficult for many addicts. Fortunately, detox, inpatient programs, and relapse prevention planning have been proven to be effective and Beacon Health Strategies will likely cover at least a portion of the cost.

Beacon is the largest independent behavioral health insurance company in the nation. Addiction is one of the many mental health problems covered by the company.

Affording drug and alcohol rehab is often a worry for addicts. At Restore Health and Wellness, we work with insurance providers like Beacon Health Options to get you the help you need without the financial strain that can come with rehab. Do not let cost be a factor in your recovery though. The long-term effects of drug and alcohol abuse far outweigh anything you could spend on recovery.

Beacon Addiction Rehab Coverage

Beacon Health Strategies paired up with Value Options to provide services to all 50 states- serving over 45 million people. They work with your health plan to manage any behavioral health aspects of your healthcare, but this is not to say learning your options is not a complex process.

Beacon provides a large number of insurance policies. Trying to determine what your coverage includes can be a large inconvenience. When you’re trying to fight addiction, reading through policy information should not be at the top of your to-do list.

Let Restore Health and Wellness work with Beacon Health Options to determine what kind of treatment is possible for you. You will need help to beat an addiction and we want to assist you from day one.

Do You Have Questions About Your Beacon Coverage?

As a Beacon Health Options covered drug treatment center, our addiction services are here to assist you or a loved one every step of the way. Call Restore Health and Wellness Center and speak with one of our admissions specialists. All phone calls are completely confidential and 100% free of charge. We can answer all of your insurance questions and make it easy to get the treatment that you so desperately need.

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