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Month: February 2017


Restore Center Brings Awareness to Children of Alcoholics Week

Los Angeles, CA — 2/16/2017– Restore Health and Wellness Center, a state-of-art drug and alcohol rehab center, is helping promote Children of Alcoholics (COA) week, an increasingly popular campaign led by NACOA (The National Association for Children of Alcoholics) to bring awareness to children everywhere who are negatively affected by parental alcohol problems. COA Week


Benzodiazepine Addiction Warning Signs

Why Benzodiazepines Are Prescribed And Why They’re Abused Benzodiazepines are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, with data suggesting that more than 5% of adults are prescribed the drugs each year. While usually intended to treat conditions like anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, seizures, restless leg syndrome, alcohol withdrawal, and chronic


Hallucinogens Overdose Symptoms

Hallucinogens Overdose Symptoms

Hallucinogens are drugs that take a user on a drug induced experience, often called an “acid trip.” During this experience, the person’s senses and reality are greatly altered. Hallucinogens are broken down into three different groups: psychedelics, dissociates and deliriums. Hallucinogens are not considered to be addictive but a psychological hallucinogen addiction can be developed.


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