Pain Management

The professionals at Restore Drug Rehab LA understand that working to treat chronic pain is just as important as treating the actual addiction.


Unknown to many, prescription medications are readily available, highly addictive, and potentially deadly to those who abuse them. After suffering a traumatic accident or chronic pain, many people gain access to a range of addictive substances. People who use these drugs over an extended time for pain management are more susceptible to develop a drug dependence. Prescription drug addiction is a complex illness that is difficult to treat, but with the help of our qualified addiction professionals at Restore Drug Treatment LA, recovery is possible.

Pain Management and Addiction

The symptoms of chronic pain are more than just physical. Chronic pain has long been known to contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression. Individuals prescribed medication for pain, often notice that these drugs have the ability to alleviate both mental and physical symptoms. This causes some people to rely on prescription drugs to regulate their emotions. Using drugs as a form of self-medication can lead to an increase in tolerance, and eventually, a physiological and psychological dependence.Pain management and addiction in California

The professionals at Restore Drug Rehab LA understand that working to treat chronic pain is just as important as treating the actual addiction. Pain management programs at Restore Treatment offer a judgment-free environment where clients are able to discover the root cause of their substance abuse. These educational support groups help addicts apply the necessary tools for managing chronic pain, addiction, and any accompanying emotional issues by:

  • Learning how chronic pain relates to addiction
  • Understanding the source of the pain and its physical traits
  • Identifying emotions and behaviors relating to the pain, and developing new ways to manage them
  • Considering how chronic pain impacts one’s personal life
  • Finding new, positive ways to deal with pain and manage relapses

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    When seeking treatment for chronic pain and prescription drug addiction, it is vital that you find a facility that provides the necessary detoxification programs. Detox at Restore Drug Treatment helps to alleviate the unpleasant, and potentially life-threatening, symptoms of withdrawal. Our addiction professionals are available around-the-clock to make certain that each client is safe and comfortable during this taxing process.

    Seek Professional Support For Your Addiction Recovery Today

    In addition to detox programs, Restore Drug Rehab LA offers both traditional and alternative approaches to treatment, as well as relapse prevention programs and aftercare planning. Although addiction and pain management programs must tend to a set of unique challenges, professional support can help you or your loved one begin to take back what addiction has stolen. By following a strict treatment regimen, and learning how to safely manage chronic pain, clients are able to leave Restore Treatment Center with a new outlook on life.

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