5 Warning Signs of Relapse

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Relapse is always knocking at the door of someone in recovery. Stay strong through practicing relapse prevention techniques learned during rehab and reinforcing your determination for life-long sobriety through support groups. If you’re afraid of relapsing and have those compulsive thoughts in your read, we recommend going to a twelve-step meeting as soon as possible. If you’re a concerned loved one, then being proactive is the best approach. Stage a mini “intervention” and let your family member know that you’re concerned about her behavior.

Watch for signs of relapse and seek substance abuse help immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry…with the growing overdose rates across the country, everyone that’s a drug addict is at the risk of an overdose. Especially opioid addicts are of the most concern because street opiates are now often cut with fentanyl (50 to 100 times stronger than heroin) which creates a potentially deadly mixture of drugs.

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    Relapse Behavior in Recovery

    We’ve put together a list with 5 warning signs of relapse so that you know what to watch out for. This relapse behavior is common in recovery when someone may be slipping toward using drugs or alcohol once again.

    1. Mood swings brought on by intensified stress and denying the effects stress is having. This can lead to a denial of addiction, poor judgment, negative, impulsive behavior, and defensiveness when behavior is questioned. Anger is immediate.
    2. “Stinking Thinking.” Recovery programs and techniques seem less important than they once were so you decrease participation and reaching out to others even when things seem out of control. The danger here is the possibility of choosing to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.
    3. Isolation. Feeling uncomfortable around sober friends and at support groups.  Changing or stopping successful recovery routines and practices resulting in a loss of structure. Stop looking at the big picture and focusing only on one small issue; blowing it out of proportion.
    4. Impaired judgment. You are easily confused, can’t make decisions or begin making unhealthy decisions. You become anxious and make irrational choices. You begin to believe social drinking and drug use can be controlled. You begin to lose hope and belief in yourself.
    5. You cut off your options; stop going to meetings altogether, discontinue therapy and treatments and feel overwhelmed. You are lonely, angry, tense and fearful and decide there are only 3 ways out; self-medication, insanity or suicide.  So you start with ‘social’ substance abuse which escalates out of control from there. Soon after you may find yourself in a full-blown relapse.

    Be aware of the signs of relapse; keep them in the back of your mind so you can nip it in the bud. Never close the door on your support system and never stop reaching out, even at the slightest sign of relapse. If you’ve already relapsed or are dealing with a loved one that is actively using, contact us for a confidential assessment right now. Our caring and experienced addiction professionals are here to help you.

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